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LANGLEY, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CA---"There is a war afoot to expunge Christians not just from the marketplace of public ideas but notably from various professions."


See how your state representative or senator votes on issues of interest to you!

We believe the IRS is an unrestricted tyranny. We believe the Federal Government should not be allowed to directly tax individual citizens. The feds instead should tax the several states for a portion of in-state receipts of sales taxes. We believe in a much smaller federal government.


As far as we know today (6-20-13), Ed Snowden (above) is a patriot hero. To spot the real traitors, watch carefully who demonizes this young man. Reports say (1-10-15) Ed Snowden enjoys living in Russia (click) "Russia's great."




In reality, the left-right political dichotomy is false. The real dichotomy is authoritarian vs. libertarian. Hitler, Stalin and Mao, for example, were authoritaran. They were statists--they believed in the all powerful state. This view today is represented by the Democrat Party and Republicans-In-Name-Only (RINOs) They embody the all-powerful state. We call 'em left-wingers or progressive liberals, but they're actually knee-jerk authoritarans. OK, kids, read it again.

You're a slave!

When it comes to finances, do you often feel it's "one step forward and two steps back?" Why do both you AND your wife have to work just to make ends (almost) meet?

Here's why:

The PRIVATE Federal Reserve Bank ("Fed", in Washington, D.C.) creates "money" out of thin air (read that again). It lends that "money" to local banks all across America at a certain LOW interest rate.

Those local bankers then turn around and lend that thin air "money" to YOU at a much HIGHER rate. When you take out a loan--mortgage, car, credit card, college loan, whatever--you pay back that loan at HIGH interest in real (earned) money.

YOUR value as a slave in this scenario is your WORK / LABOR to produce goods and services, for your paycheck to pay back the bank. For the first years of monthly payback, you're paying nothing but INTEREST on the loan--not reducing the principal (what you owe). As your loan is paid off, you gradually, gradually cut into the principal you owe, until you pay it off or die.

During all that payback time, the banker, who is collecting all that (interest) money from you, becomes fabulously wealthy off your hard work. And remember, you're only one person who's taken out a loan. The banker has loans out to many other slaves as well.

THAT is why the banker and his "homies" go on sunny vacations abroad during winter while you work your ass off all the dark and cold days of your life.

This state of affairs has come about over the past 100 years with creation of the Fed, as "progressives" have gradually tightened the garotte around our necks.

And, remember that paycheck (to payback your loan) we were writing about? Local, state and federal (IRS) taxcreeps now swoop in to snatch away 56% of it. You work for the banker whenever you have taken out a loan, and you work for the government the remainder of the time. The establishment press puts blinders on your eyes, and bankers/government crack the whip. On your back.

You-are-a-slave! Congratulations!

All Expect Flak

25 bravehearts vote against RINO Boehner as House speaker

WASHINGTON, D.C. ( 1-8-15)---TWENTY-FIVE Republican stalwarts have voted against RINO John Boehner as Speaker of the House. The magic number would have been 29.

No Washington State reps had the huevos to vote against Boehner, including retiring 4th Dist. Congressman Doc Hastings.

Republicans NOT on the following list are--by their nonactions--RINOs and part of America's problems.

NOTE: Speaker of the House can be any American. Our choice would be Mark Levin.

Stalwarts include (Click on their names to find out more about 'em):

We were Tea Party when Tea Party wasn't cool!
Sunnyside, Yakima County, East Washington State, U.S.A.
The press' only legitimate relationship with government is adversarial.
Washington State split could be a hit! (click)
ISIS endangers U.S. homeland

ISIS has settled just across the border from El Paso, TX, according to Judicial Watch. ISIS is using the settlement as a base of operations to infiltrate the U.S. Islamists are well aware the Obama Administration welcomes terrorists; he has rendered the U.S.-Mexico border wide open. Border sheriffs---in view of weak and myopic state and federal governments--will be charged with keeping Åmericans safe. Lend them your support.

EL PASO, TX, (4-14-2015)---The Islamic State (ISIS) has settled a few miles from here, Mexican authorities tell Judicial Watch.

The map above shows where radical Islamists have established a base (orange square) near Anapra, Chihuahua, MX. There's another one set up near Juarez, Chihuahua, MX.

Islamists are aided and abetted by drug cartel members, who infest all parts of Mexico. Cartel coyotes help the middle-easterners sneak across the border. Once inside, they fan out across America. Americans who raise hell about the situation are branded "racists", despite the fact ISIS recently shot and beheaded some 100 Christians in Libya (photo below).

Judicial Watch says the Juarez Cartel helps move ISIS terrorists between Santa Teresa and Sunland Park NM, and across the border between between Acala,Chihuahua and Fort Hancock, TX.

Says J.W., "These specifric areas were targeted for exploitation by ISIS because of their understaffed municipal and county police forces and relative safe havens the areas provide for unchecked, ongoing, large-scale drug smuggling ".

J.W. is referring to the jurisdictions of Dona Ana County Sheriff Enrique "Kiki" Vigil (575-525-1911), Luna County Sheriff Raymond Cobos (575-546-2655), and Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West (915-369-2161). El Paso County Sheriff Richard Wiles (915-538-2292) is also close to the action.

The Mexican Army and Federales have no intention of wiping out ISIS or cartel coyotes, describing them as too "hostile" and "dangerous". Nor will Obama ever allow our military to put them into the ground.

For more info, click on the map above to read about the fun Arabs and Mexican drug rats are having these days (At U.S. citizen expense).


Executive amnesty costs taxpayers trillions

Judicial Watch to file massive corruption lawsuit against Obama administration

Atty. Gen Eric Holder
Pres. Barak eatin' trillions
Judicial Watch's Fitten
Sheriff Joe Arpiao

WASHINGTON, D.C. (2-9-2015)---Judicial Watch, a very powerful legal group, will soon file suit in the U.S. Supreme Court against the Obama administration for its malfeasance in office.

The group has the support of Joe Arpiao, famous sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, and thousands of individual citizens living in the 13 federal circuit court districts across the U.S.

Judicial Watch is expected to face criticism from the usual leftwing suspects, including news media, Hollywood airheads, the massive U.S. bureaucracy, big labor, and other special interest groups.

Judicial Watch President Thomas Fitten told YVN that Obama's "pattern toward malfeasance is clear."

Residents of Murrieta, Calif., hit the streets to protest the Democrat party's dropping off hundreds of illegal immigrant children into the town. The brilliant Dr. MIchael Savage believes that recent outbreaks of measles, rubella and pertussis in America is the direct result of tens of thousands of unvaccinated Central and South American children pouring over the U.S. Mexico border. Feds have welcomed the kids and dispersed them nationwide.

" In his mission to fundamentally transform America, Obama is operating as though he is above the law.

"He feels he can do anything to further his radical left agenda even if it means flouting U.S. Constitutional restraints and diminishing the sovereign right of self-government of the American People," Fitten said.

In the face of Obama's "insidious corruption and usurpation of power, Congress dithers and stutters. U.S. courts have become the battleground of last resort for the nation's future," Fitten said.

Judicial Watch has diligently jousted with the Obama administration, filing more than 2,700 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and other records requests.

J-Dub then had to file more than 165 separate lawsuits to get records Obama didn't want to give up!

Regarding the infamous "Fast and Furious" gambit, Judicial Watch sued and was instrumental in forcing the resignation of Atty. Gen. Eric Holder. Holder's henchmen implemented the plot that wound up killing a hundred Mexicans and a border patrol agent.

The big upcoming lawsuit will target the administration's:

  • Failing to enforce federal laws against illegal immigration


  • Illegal targeting by the IRS of the Tea Party and other conservative groups
  • Skirting due process to implement Obama Care
  • Using the Federal Communications Commission to restrict the speech of conservatives and political opposition
  • Attacking free enterprise via the newly formed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Perpetrating voter fraud via the Dept. of Justice, which attacks states that want to implement voter ID laws.
  • Granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens with the unlawful use of "prosecutorial discretion" to bypass Congress and the American people.

Arizona's Joe Arpiao struggled for years with Phoenix' "sanctuary policy" that prohibited police officers from asking about a person's immigration status or cooperating with federal immigration agents. Arpiao filed suit to end the sanctuary policy. It worked.

"I have never seen an organization work with as much dedication to support the enforcement of our federal immigration laws as Judicial Watch", Arpiao told YVN.

"If it weren't for them, I don't believe we would have 'busted' our Phoenix sanctuary policy. They helped us prevail all lthe way to the supreme court," said the sheriff.

(Click to see other U.S. "sanctuary" cities


ISIS nazis burn alive a Jordanian pilot
  SYRIA--- (2-3-2015)---ISIS, one of many militant Ismamic groups, caged a Jordanian pilot today, poured gasoline over him, moved themselves to safety, then set him afire (see map inset below).
As the poor man screamed for mercy, his tormenters giggled.
Islamists have carried out recent beheadings and child murders, and now, they've burned a man alive. Their actions have prompted rage in all corners of the world. Some say this is the response militants want, in order to provoke a spate of endless, back-and-forth revenge killings leading to World War III.
Militant Islamists in the 1930s and 40s agreed to provide Adolph Hitler with money and oil for his Axis war machine IF the German madman would kill all the Jews. Hitler responded with the Holocaust. It took World War II, with tragic loss of life and treasure, to defeat him.
Now Islamists are at it again. This time Islamist Iran is expected to up the ante with nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the U.S.
As Christ said some 2,000 years ago, "Judge a spirit by the fruit it bears." The spirit moving Islamists is patently evil, probably Satanic. If anyone wants us all dead, it would be Satan. He seems to be again using Islam to advance his agenda.
The map below shows where ISIS has spread in the Mideast.

Many believe the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob--and the Lord Jesus Christ--will take care of this awful problem by taking out Satan and his minions. Once Satan (a spirit) has been destroyed, the universe is expected to be a much better place to live.

 Hang in there, folks. May God bless America and all the innocents in the world.

  • Militant Islam cancer metastasizes while U.S. borders remain wide open
  • Islamist cells pepper U.S.; militants poised to strike at any time
  • Islamist atrocities based on Koran dictates
  • Countries attacked from 2001-2013 (map right)
  • Notice: They haven't touched Mexico

WASHINGTON, D.C. (12-13-14)---A TODDLER AWAITS DEATH at the hands of Islamist nazis in the Middle East. His ISIS tormentors are virtually inhuman. Still, U.S. Democrats like Calif. Sen. Dianne Feinstein scream at the CIA, who waterboarded three islamic monsters 11 years ago in order to obtain information about 911. Feinstein has a loose screw--why do California voters keep this super-annuated saddlebag in office?

Not-so Feinstein
Say a prayer for police officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, assassinated in New York 12-20-14. Pray for their devastated families. While you're at it, say a prayer for every cop on the beat in our country. They'll be watching out for you all Christmas long.
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MEXICO--Invading America
Mexico States
The Southern Border
Obama Fomenting Civil War?
BATF freaks harass Yakima business---WA Libertarian
Gun registration!

Bloomberg, lib voters behind success of WA initiative 594

NY Money man MIchael Bloomberg
Brave Washingtonians have routed I-594's attempted unconstitutional infringement of the right to keep and bear arms. A deep rumbling is taking place in Washington State. Stay tuned! Read more.
WA teachers whack WEA/NEA
(Ending Democrat money source)
Conservative Review
See who walks the walk!
(And who doesn't)
F grades for WA reps! Click map
Mark Levin!
Rush Limbaugh
Rent-a-Mob programs aid leftist agenda, tear down our country

WASHINGTON, D.C. (12-13-14)--- Nationwide mobfests--erupting in Ferguson, MO, and spreading to larger cities--- are no accident. The noisy, firebombing outrages are condoned and facilitated by the White House. Obama-Holder.

The mob program urges loudmouth thugs to hit the streets demanding that the federal government "do something". The demands are scripted by the White House and bull-horned by White House agents at the street level.

Right on schedule, Obama-Holder & Co., take aim at local PDs, hoping ultimately to nationalize local police forces, which gives feds increasing control at the local level.

Rigid control at all levels of government is part and parcel of the leftist, Democrat, "progressive" agenda for America.

NOTE: These aren't Rush's words, They're our humble interpretation of his words.

Ferguson rioters. Inset: Obama--"Oh yeah--we GOT t' have more o' dis...."

Border assault contrived by Obama


Community Organizer in Chief

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Rent-a-Mob Rats make kids cry
Seattle--Ferguson style rioters attack children at Christmas tree lighting

The Marx(ist ) Brothers---U.S. Pres. Barak Hussein Obama (L) and U.S. Atty. Gen. Eric Holder. Merry Christmas, everyone.


Obama administration strategy:
  • Polarize us (so we don't like and support each other),
  • Isolate us (like wolves separating a sheep from the herd),
  • Attack us (as individuals because we're now easy prey).
Idea: Use this tactic against THEM!


Community Organizing 101:

Wire it (set things up in advance) so when you sit back and push the button at the auspicious moment, the planned shitstorm occurs all at once in widely differing places.

Then plead ignorance and feign surprise.

Right, Barak? Gotcha covered, homie.

U.S. ranks 12th; Russia, 140th in degree of economic freedom.

For the average Joe: A day living in the U.S. v. a day in Russia

  • (Finally got a topic Rush won't touch)
  • Gun Control: Both countries allow personal carrying of firearms. (U.S. Democrats striving to disarm honest citizens, knowing that thugs ignore gun laws).
  • Population: U.S., 320 million; Russia, 148 million.
  • People color: U.S, 62% white, 13% black, 20% brown, 5% yellow; Russia, virtually 100% white.
  • Geographical size: U.S., 3.8 million square miles; Russia, 6.6 million square miles.
  • No-go zones (Muslim or Mexican crime areas; police not allowed to go in): U.S., growing numbers; Russia, non-existent
  • Military Draft: U.S., ended decades ago; Russia, young bucks must serve one year.
  • Political correctness: (denying free speech regarding sex, color, ethnicity, religion, etc.): U.S., rampant; Russia, non-existent.
  • Edward Snowden: U.S. : "He's wanted!" Russia: He's a hero.
  • Prostitution: Illegal in both countries, with exceptions at state level.
  • Rapes per million: U.S. 274; Russia 35.
  • Age of (heterosexual) consent: U.S. 18; Russia, 16.
  • Gay marriage: U.S., yes; Russia, no.
  • Murders per million: U.S. 42; Russia, 102.
  • Drinking Age: U.S., 21; Russia, 18.
  • Rent, U.S., 1-BR Apt., $746; Russia, $522.
  • K-12 Truancy: U.S., Forced school attendance to age 17; Russia, prefer kids stay in school, but no force initiated.
  • Driving: Folks in both countries drive on the right side of a two-lane road.
  • Cigarette prices in U.S. dollars: U.S., $6/pack ($13 in New-effing York); Russia, $1.73. Most groceries commensurately cheaper in Russia.
  • Marijuana: legality varies by state in both countries.
  • Drugs: U.S., illegal, fiercely enforced; Russia, legal except for organized sellers (thugs).
  • Border Control: US, Thugs, alien nationals, jihadists, anyone, "c'mon in!"; Russia: Don't even think about it.
  • Income Tax: U.S. 56% including state, local and federal; Russia, 13% flat tax.
  • Dictatorial predilections: Obama: Ignores Constitution; rules by executive order and "memos" to "fundamentally transform" a great country, Congress be damned. Putin: Checks in with the Duma before "liberating" a warm water port.
  • Islamist outrages: U.S.: tolerates jihadists for fear of angering muslims; Russia: kills jihadists in a microsecond.
  • Putin: Loved by 80% of his people
  • Obama: Loved by 35% of his people.
  • Word for Asshole: U.S.: Asshole. Russia: Mudak. Often reserved for authoritarians.
  • General Economic Comparisons
  • Average day for man in the street: Check above to get an idea. Both countries are open to Google Earth--great armchair traveling.

Congress and "back home" differ--a lot

WASHINGTON, D.C. (12-15-14)--- Ted Cruz, speaking on the Mark Levin show today, said new senators are always counseled by establishment leadership. One "oldtimer" put his arm around


Cruz and said: "Forget back home, son; we do things different around here." Cruz said there's great pressure behind that advice.

Suspicion: NSA knows every detail of every Republican politician's life. Are old established Repubicans blackmailed to vote as they do? Can't know. Just askin'.

Doc's vote favored "omnibus" budget

SUNNYSIDE, WA, (12-13-14)---Outgoing 4th Dist. Rep. Doc Hastings has voted in favor of the enormous, Democrat-concocted, $1.1-Trillion Omnibus budget. The vote denies Republican input for the next fiscal year--even though the people voted Democrats out of office. Doc was "urged" by House Speaker John Boehner to vote as he did.

Few reps even read the 1600-page outrage before voting. The budget contains pork spending, perks for certain banks and corporations, dollars for Obama's executive-order amnesty, and Obama Care. (Where's Clint Diddier when we need him?)



Yes. The American people are stupid. But don't let them know we THINK so!--Jonathan Gruber and Barak Obama out behind the woodshed.

NEW YORK (12-13-14)---JORGE RAMOS, Univision "journalist", publicly asked president Obama what he's doing to curtail "white privilege " in the U.S. Jorge is a race-baiting ASSHOLE. Obviously.


The 3
branches will never impeach

The PEOPLE need to oust Obama!

Read more!
Alan Keyes

Today's American press: skewing and spewing

Newsbusters! Click here to see how media hacks, posing as "objective" journalists, skew news stories to further the Democrat "progressive" agenda. They don't necessarily lie--though they're not above it--they simply leave out most of the truth! And twist what truth they allow to further their aims.
Moreover, big media ownership today has shrunk to a very small number of firms that spew the same guk using similar wording. Who Owns Big Media?
Who are the mostly left-wing individuals who steer the thoughts of 300 million-plus Americans and terrify establishment Republicans? Answer:
ATTENTION COUNTRY BOYS AND GIRLS! Torch / PItchfork / Bullhorn / Tar&Feather packages bundled for just $19.95! You'll never beat this deal!

"Truth is considered hate by those who hate the truth---Jeremy Benham.

Check out the Liberty Movement in China! Their view: Big Central Government, Leftists, Communists and their minions are simply evil.


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Osama Bin Laden:

A warning to other jihadists. If you attack Americans, we will kill you. Dead. And bury your remains in pig offal and dog feces. Mesleh sag bemiri There's no place to hide.

Check out Islam's Civilization Jihad. Arm yourself and your family Ragheads are where you find them.

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A woman who demands further gun control legislation is like a chicken who roots for Colonel Sanders.

---Larry Elder

Who do Muslims vote for?
&%$#@ Democrats!
Vote Tea Party!

Draft Ben Carson
for U.S. President!

Dr. Ben Carson will heal America.


Your Democrat Party: thugs at the top and nitwits at the bottom!
The Yakima Valley News can't cure stupid---but we're fightin' ignorance with a big stick!
Prez Woodrow Wilson
Shadow government formed today--- Merry Christmas!
JEKYLL ISLAND, GA (12-22-1913)---Democrats and other thugs gathered here today to destroy the United States and make a ton of cash for world bankers.
Democrat Pres. Woody Wilson was on site to help set up a private banking cartel (Fed), create a national police force (FBI), develop a cool new taxing agency (IRS), and destroy state powers (The U.S. Senate will no longer be appointed by state legislatures, but by banker-backed PACs).
These pukes did it all over Christmas vacation! Cool!
The U.S. soon will be indebted to the central bank, and as creditor,the bank will forcefully manipulate most government decisions. Like our entry into many wars for fun and profit! If we decide to abolish loan paybacks, bankers will finance the military of another country while cancelling loans for our own military. Then, like, bang! We're toast! Don't worry; be happy!*