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Crooked fed courts hide trial precedents--when citizens win

Democrat Ex-Prez Bill Clinton says the nation won't be "safe" until all guns are confiscated--and the 2nd Amendment is abolished. Actually, common sense tells most folks the government would then be "safe" to implement a military takeover of the country. And he shares a pillow with presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at night (?)
HIllary Clinton Dem candidate for prez in '16
Surprise: Waco Bill, whose henchmen incinerated 89 women and children in Waco, TX, supports wife Hillary (above) for president in '16. That would get him back into the White House.
We were Tea Party when Tea Party wasn't cool!

Sunnyside, Yakima County, East Washington State, U.S.A.
The press' only legitimate relationship with government is adversarial.
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Must see movie: Southern Border Crisis affects ALL states!
Conservative E.T. Williams commentary--Check him out!

White lady murdered by illegal alien; president mum!


Ann Coulter tears Univision "journalist" Jorge Ramos a brand new rectum!

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Unelected Oregon bureaucrat kills little bakery; ignores 1st Amendment

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4 state reps call for dividing Oregon & Washington into East & West

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GET this book!

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Today's American media: skewing and spewing

Newsbusters! Click here to see how media hacks, posing as "objective" journalists, skew news stories to further the Democrat "progressive" agenda. They don't necessarily lie--though they're not above it--they simply leave out most of the truth! And twist what truth they allow to further their aims.
Moreover, big media ownership today has shrunk to a very small number of firms that spew the same guk using similar wording. Who Owns Big Media?
Who are the mostly left-wing individuals who steer the thoughts of 300 million-plus Americans and terrify establishment Republicans? Answer:

Click on each one to get a gander at their faces.

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Israel: We love you.
Your enemy is our enemy (click).
Osama Bin Laden:

A warning to other jihadists. If you attack Americans, we will kill you. Dead. And bury your remains in pig offal and dog feces. Mesleh sag bemiri There's no place to hide.

Check out Islam's Civilization Jihad. Arm yourself and your family Ragheads are where you find them.

When you shoot a jihadist, make certain your firearm has been maintained by Silver Bullet Gun Oil. It contains 13% pig fat and will send jihadists straight to hell. (Click)

Federation for American Immigration Reform

Obama & Co. sidestep Congress--new gun regs on the way 

Loretta Lynch, newly named U.S. Atty. Gen., an avowed Obamacrat, is calling for new and strict gun control regulations. The regs would have the force of law, and would be enforced by the BATF. The move harbors the fetid stench of Nazi gun control tactics, and is blatantly unconstitutional (6-1-15) 

Seriously: what's it like to, um, croak?
Leslie Moonves, CBS Corporate news kingpin, stiffs his valet--only had "hundreds" in his wallet

How's that for a character revelation? Media honcho Moonves reportedly pulls down $65-million a year ($31,250 an hour). But he only had a FAT roll of hundreds in his pocket when it came time to tip the valet who took care of his car during a celebrity bash. Rather than peeling off a century note and handing it over, Moonves tipped the valet nada. "I'll get you next time," he said. This limosine liberal is one of a few who orchestrate leftist propaganda in America. (6-1-15)