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YAKIMA, WA (6-28-2014)--- According to writers at American Christian Radio, June 30-July 1 marks the 80th anniversary of "The Night of the Long Knives."
"It is especially notable given today's alarming rise in socialism in the U.S.

Said ACN writer John Loeffler, "...In 1934 Germany...200 SA (brownshirt) Nazi party members were murdered by the Gestapo.

"...This tells us today (about) socialism and the ultimate end of all socialist revolutions: They all wind up at the Gestapo, the Gulag,and the Guillotine.

"There is a war afoot to expunge Christians not just from the marketplace of public ideas but notably from various professions.

"This war has transitioned from a war of ideas to a war of coercion, forcing Christians to compromise their beliefs and adopt the beliefs of other worldviews.

"Will Christians be able to survive in the professions such as education, medicine, law, and elsewhere in this growing atmosphere of hostility?

"That outcome remains to be seen. Lea Singh is covering an important case in British Columbia, Canada, involving Trinity Western University.

See how your state representataive or senator votes on issues of interest to you!

We believe the IRS is an unrestricted tyranny. We believe the Federal Government should not be allowed to directly tax individual citizens. The feds instead should tax the several states for a portion of in-state receipts of sales taxes. We believe in a much smaller federal government.

Mark Levin!
Prez Woodrow Wilson
Shadow government formed today--- Merry Christmas!
JEKYLL ISLAND, GA (12-22-1913)---Democrats and other thugs gathered here today to destroy the United States. And make a ton of cash for world bankers.
Democrat Pres. Woody Wilson was on site to help set up a private banking cartel (Fed), create a national police force (FBI), develop a cool new taxing agency (IRS), and destroy state powers (The U.S. Senate will no longer be appointed by state legislatures, but by banker-backed PACs).
These pukes did it all over Christmas vacation! Cool!
The U.S. soon will be indebted to the central bank, and as creditor,the bank will forcefully manipulate most government decisions. Like our entry into many wars for fun and profit! If we decide to abolish loan paybacks, bankers will finance the military of another country while cancelling loans for our own military. Then, like, bang! We're toast! Don't worry; be happy!

As far as we know today (6-20-13), Ed Snowden (above) is a patriot hero. To spot who the real traitors are, watch carefully who demonizes this young man.

* The Obama regime has limited citizen access to the Social Security Administration's Death List. As of 3-27-14 , citizens have to be certified to view this formerly public record. Who does the certifying? The regime. Oh, and these bastards are just starting, folks. Democrats can't let us find out who's dead because we'll expose names of the deceased they're using as voters for their party.


In reality, the left-right political dichotomy is false. The real dichotomy is authoritarian vs. libertarian. Hitler, Stalin and Mao, for example, were authoritaran. They were statists--they believed in the all powerful state. This view today is represented by the Democrat Party and Republicans-In-Name-Only (RINOs) They embody the all-powerful state. We call 'em left-wingers or progressive liberals, but they're actually knee-jerk authoritarans. OK, kids, read it again.

Obama administration strategy: Polarize us (so we don't like and support each other), Isolate us (like wolves separating a sheep from the herd), Attack us (as individuals because we're now easy prey.) Idea: Use this tactic against THEM!
Your Democrat Party at work!
Above: Democrat Bill Clinton uses his BATF in 1993 to incinerate 89 women and children at the Waco, Texas, Branch Davidian Church. While women and children died in excruciating agony, Clinton was romancing a young intern in the White House.
Democrat Ex-Prez Bill "If-Hillary-gets-in-I'd-do-Waco-again" Clinton.  People don't forget, Bubba. They won't forget Hillary's Benghazi, either.
Your Democrat Party at work!
Above: a Ku Klux Klan rally in 1926. They're all Democrats. They blame blacks for their troubles. They didn't want blacks to vote. Democrat Robert Byrd, a local KKK activist and U.S. senator for 60 years, voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Vote Republican Tea Party!
We were Tea Party when Tea Party wasn't cool!
Sunnyside, Yakima County, East Washington State, U.S.A.
The press' only legitimate relationship with government is adversarial.

Lighter Note
MEXICO--Invading America
Mexico States
The Southern Border
Are Democrats Under Obama attempting to foment Civil War in the United States?
Deadly Ebola virus hits Africa!

So THAT'S why the Obama Administration spent $1-Billion on millions of black plastic coffins and disseminated 'em all across the country! Note (10-23-14): Vantage Products spokesmen say these objects (eyes right) aren't coffins and aren't owned by FEMA. Truth is often depressing enough without stirring up additional drama.


Republicans In Name Only

RINOs circle wagons;
Clint takes 'em on
(Click on Clint's photo for the Truth!)

It's war!

ELTOPIA, WA (9-16-14) Democrats and Republicans-In-Name-Only are plotting and planning to stop Clint Didier from heading to Washington, D.C. as Washington State's next Fourth District congressman.

But many prominent Americans also are fighting for Clint, a former NFL football star and third-generation Eltopia farmer.

In Clint's corner is Sarah Palin, a brilliant conservative and outspoken critic of the lawless Obama administration. Mark Levin, famous national talk show host and former top staffer for Ronald Reagan---a very no-nonsense guy--has interviewed Clint and enthusiastically supports him.

Also waiting for Clint to make it to Washington, D.C., are Tea Party Conservative Republicans Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and David Brat.

Most importantly, as Clint travels around the Fourth District, folks take an immediate liking to his down-to-earth, straight-talking style. That's why Clint finished six points ahead of his opponent in the primary election, even though his opponent outspent him two to one. People know. Country folk are much more savvy than haughty Beltway denizens believe they are.

Meanwhile, back in RINOville, Doc Hastings, a close ally to House Speaker and RINO John Boehner, came out in support of Clint Didier's opponent. After 20 years in D.C., Hastings has become another Beltway bagman and prime example of the need for term limits.

Hastings has consistently voted to raise the U.S. Debt Limit, voted for $150 million to be sent to the Ukraine as unconstitutional foreign aid that could wind up in Russian coffers, and voted for unconstitutional farm/food aid which, though it's a "poverty" program, has done nothing over the decades to end poverty in America. Poverty has in fact increased.

Rob McKenna, former Washington State attorney general and unsuccessful candidate for governor, also backs Clint's opponent, Dan Newhouse.

Of McKenna, Clark County Politics said "Just when you thought RINO Rob McKenna couldn't be any more of a moron...(we) won't replay his long...list of idiocies or his hard-left sellout....His numbers have plummeted almost as fast as Obama's credibility."

Thus, Newhouse backers are folks who vote like RINOs, often supporting Democrat agendas.

"With only 60 days remaining to the November election, the RINO powerbrokers and beltway insiders are pulling out all the stops," Didier told the Yakima Valley News.

Didier's vocal opposition to House Speaker Boehner's leadership is forcing the "do-nothing" establishment to go to great lengths to protect their DC powerbase.

 Dems, RINOs hate conservatives

Said Didier, "Anytime a true conservative moves toward victory---especially at the federal level---the establishment mounts a monstrous campaign to tear them down and drive them back. This has happened time and time again all across America, here in Washington, and now is happening right here in Washington's 4th Congressional District.

But Didier said, "This time, I believe we can win." Bureaucrat Dan Newhouse has made some startling errors in his term as WA Director of Agriculture.

"My opponent is my polar opposite. In fact, he counts among his friends and supporters the D.C. lobbyists, and crony capitalists," Didier said

'His (Newhouse's) friends include Monsanto, Dow Chemical, and Dupont, who contributed heavily to his campaign as payoff for his support for their campaign against GMO labeling," Didier said.

"I am honored to be a champion of the grass roots and I want to follow in the footsteps of those who cling to their principles, beat the odds, beat the establishment and enter the halls of Congress with their integrity intact and their commitment to the grassroots uncompromised.

Newhouse an establishment RINO

"Now let me be blunt," Didier said. "My opponent is an establishment Republican masquerading as a conservative. At the state level, he counts among his biggest supporters many of the pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-"Dream Act" big government "Republican" elected officials who have deceived and/or betrayed so many on our side---those who work closely with liberal Democrats to make Washington one of the most "Progressive" states in the union.

Newhouse on Democrat cabinet

"And it was my opponent himself who served as a member of ultra-liberal Christine Gregoire's gubernatorial cabinet.

"An ultra-liberal Democrat governor does not appoint a Republican to her cabinet---unless he is no threat to her socialist agenda. A conservative would be" a threat to socialist policies.

  Didier said it's important that 4th District Conservatives "keep their chins up, stick together, and remember that it is our patriotism and traditional values that represent the vast majority of hard working, patriotic Americans who live here in Central Washington."

"Border assault contrived by Obama"
How did all those kids get from Central America to the Texas border?
SAN ANTONIO, TX (6-13-2014)---No one is asking how 90,000 Latino children, "UACs", got from Guatamala, El Salvador, and Honduras through hundreds of miles of Mexico to the Texas border!
U.S. Marine held in Mexico!

Decorated Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi languishes in Mexico's La Mesa prison in Tijuana, as a Mexican guard looks on. Mexican officials are stonewalling Andrew's attorney. A decent U.S. president would dispatch a contingent of marines to La Mesa and secure Andrew's release. Vote Tea Party!

La Mesa Prisoners are a riotous bunch .They don't really like gringos like Tahmooressi. While Andy's here, Obama is at one of his golf games.


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Democrat thugs attack conservatives

Lois Lerner, IRS
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Money IS free speech; you have to BUY print and broadcast media to sell your Tea Party message. Did you attempt to create a Yakima Valley 501-C-4 to obtain donations to buy media? If so, these two Obama Democrat cabrones (Lerner & Holder) successfully shut you up in 2012. If it were legal to arrest you, they would have tossed you in the slammer. (see story).

Revealed: Michigan Democrat Sen. Carl Levin demanded IRS attacks on conservatives
Senate bleep helped skew 2012 election to favor Democrats

Video here

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Your Democrat Party at work!
Democrat Franklin Roosevelt okayed the policy to send Japanese Americans at gunpoint into concentration camps in the 1940s. The Bill of Rights be damned. Vote Tea Party!
Your Democrat Party at work!

Looks like the Ku Klux Klan has changed colors and uniforms, replete with jackboots. They blame whites for their troubles. They call themselves the New Black Panthers. Sporting a Muslim name momma likely didn't give him, Khalid Abdul Muhammed leads fellow Democrats. These cool cat-crats intimidated Tea Party voters at a Philly voting station in 2012. There's your sign: Vote Tea Party!

Democrat money momma
despises minorities

Democrat millionaire J.Z. Knight, 68, Yelm, WA, gets her info by channeling a 35,000-year old warrior named Ramtha. This thrice-married divorcee, who lives in a 12,500 square-foot chateau on several walled off acres, contributes big bucks to Democrats in Washington and nationwide. She has met and loves Obama, and shouts in favor of tax-supported abortion clinics. Tea Party folks are, of course, "tea baggers" to this babe. Evergreen Freedom Foundation revealed videos in which Knight "engaged in a series of obscenity laced rants directed at Catholics, gays, Mexicans and other minority groups." Vote Tea Party!

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3 branches will never impeach
Alan Keyes: 2014 Elections a "turning point"

Read more!
Alan Keyes

Deadly fed administration hits America!

We're gonna NEED 'em since the feds are doing a CRAPPY job keeping Ebola out of the U.S---3,000 Africans dead and counting.  Several Americans now have the disease. Sharing is caring, right? Note (10-23-14): Spokesmen at Vantage Products, Inc. say these are not coffins. They form an outer, element proof container for coffins, and are required by many private and municipal cemetaries. They are purchased by private citizens as part of normal burial packages. They are stored outside (see above) because it's cheaper than warehousing them. But it's a lot more fun to blame FEMA and sinister government plots. That's where we are today: Many don't trust the federal government.


Newsbusters! Click here to see how media hacks, posing as "objective" journalists, skew news stories to further the Democrat "progressive" agenda. They don't necessarily lie--they just leave out much of the truth!

Heads up, Sheeple! If the

tells you how to vote, then you have to vote like its tiny little editorial board dictates. Right?


KENNEWICK, WA (10-23-14)--- The TCH is owned by McClatchy, a nationwide corporate giant whose interests parallel those of big politicos, big corporations, big unions, and big government.

You can believe with confidence that the TCH's tiny little editorial board gets its marching orders from big, out-of-state money interests.

These nervous Nellies have no more interest in the U.S. Constitution than a jackrabbit bouncing around Jump Off Joe Butte.

If you believe in liberty, if you believe in the Constitution, if you believe America is exceptional because of its unique founding and history, then vote in November 2014 for Clint Didier.

Clint believes in America, and has the capability to work with many others in D.C. to turn our foundering "ship of state" back on course!

Be a Kennewick Lion---not a Sheep! Vote for Clint!


Check out the Liberty Movement in China! Their view: Big Central Government, Leftists, Communists and their minions are simply evil.

Why are Democrat women so bitchy?

Answer: because they don't look like Sarah!

(Or Deneen---scroll down)


Time for a Washington State "Tree Party" ?

New Mexico Congressman Steve Pearce cuts down the first tree as local citizens move to thin local forests. Otero County Sheriff Benny House (Inset) said he would arrest and jail feds if they attempted to interfere with the "Chainsaw Rebellion"

New Mexicans take leadership in managing their lands
ALAMAGORDO, NM (9-1-14)---How do local folks take over forest management while kicking federal bureaucrat butt?
Just ask the citizens of New Mexico's Otero County. They'll tell you to "just DO it."
We've got the Tenth Amendment on our side, limiting federal power over states. Weve also got laws that say feds must turn over federally-controlled lands to the states---it was a condition of acceptiing statehood.
Thinning out forests to prevent raging fires has multiple benefits beside the joy of facing down soulless government thugs.
Good management creates six levels of jobs. (1) cutting trees (2) hauling them out to lumber mills (3) making lumber (4) marketing lumber to lumber yards (5) retailing the sticks to builders (6) building homes and commercial buildings. These jobs in turn create others as employed workers buy a wide variety of local goods and services.
In addition, non-thinned-forest fires do things to the soil that renders it incapable of growing new trees. Thus we lose our forest lands permanently under Forest Service managers who knuckle under to Democrat environmental wackos.
In view of the vicious forest fires our state has endured, with the death of several fire fighters, it's time for Washingtonians to follow the lead of the fearless folks in Otero County.

Check out the videos!


The United States hosts 3,080 counties. Each county has an elected sheriff whom locals know and trust to protect them and maintain law and order. Each sheriff is THE TOP law enforcement officer in his jurisdicton, barring all others, local, state and federal, per the U.S. Constitution. The sheriff selects professional deputies, and can deputize regular citizens onto his force as he sees fit. Does this give you any ideas concerning Homeland Security?

Angry yet?

Drug cartel threatens Ohio sheriff for billing Mex prez


Sheriff Richard Jones

 HAMILTON, OHIO--(7-26-14)---Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones sent a bill recently to Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto.

Jones asked Mexico's top Latino pol to pony up $1 million to defray costs of illegal aliens pouring into his jurisdiction.

In a very short time, Sheriff Jones was threatened by drug cartel thugs and U.S. federal thugs. Seems thugs communicate with one another fairly regularly.

The cartel has threatened to kill Jones, and the feds have slapped him for breaking a 1790 treaty that says Jones can't bill a foreign country.

Jones told the Blaze TV network's Kathryn Schroeder that "It's pretty simple. We've got to fix the borders and apparently our top leadership in government---on both sides---refuse to fix it, so we all lose."

Jones said illegal-alien crime in Ohio is rampant and the state's social services--from education to incarceration--are terribly overtaxed.

Citizens should first demand that Dish and DirecTV networks carry The Blaze. It's the only way we'll all find out what's really going on in our Obama-sickened country. Then they should inundate our federal "leaders" with letters telling them to support Jones.

Vote Tea Party!

Keightley, Winter could take some advice from Bosworth
Jim Keightley
Brian Winter
Which one can hold feds at bay in Yakima County?

(YAKIMA COUNTY (8-8-14)---Anthony Bosworth didn't make the cut as Yakima county's next sheriff. Damn.

But it appears the top candidates Brian Winter and Jim Keightley have good resumes for the job.

It would be great if November's winning sheriff considers adding some of Bosworth's ideas to their repertoire.

Sheriff's are legally empowered to keep federal thugs at bay in our county. Bosley was prepared to do just that.

We have no idea whether Winter or Keightley have a clue about this important power. But we're gonna ask 'em.

For many decades Yakima County politicians and sheriffs have bent over backward to please their masters in Washington, D.C.

(read more)

135,000 Americans agree!

Obama should be impeached, says Col. Allen West


Allen West

 WASHINGTON, D.C.--(7-15-14)---"Barak Obama is guilty of committing high crimes and misdemeanors against the Constitution, and by his own actions, has forfeited the right to lead this nation," Allen West (R-FL), said today.
The former Army Lt. Col. said Obama has:
  • Traded senior terrorist commanders for an Army deserter
  • Refused to seek justice for the terrorist attack in Benghazi, inviting more violence against our country
  • Engaged in a cover-up regarding Benghazi to hide the truth.
  • Ignored Acts of Congress and is selectively enforcing the laws as enacted.
  • Used regulations and executive orders to circumvent the power of Congress, thereby violating the separation of powers between the branches of government.

"Any one of these are impeachable offenses and show shameful disrespect for the constitution and the American people," West said in an email to the Yakima Valley News.

West said more than "135,000 patriotic Americans have responded by my impeachment survey showing that Americans are furious with Barak Obama and his hatred for the Constitution of the United States."

Vote Tea Party!

Your Democrat Party at Work!
TUSCALOOSA, AL--(6-11-1963)---Democrat Gov. George Wallace stands in the doorway of the University of Alabama's Foster Auditorium. Wallace's campaign promise had been "segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever." Courageous black students Vivian Jones and James Hood later attended the tax-funded school anyway. Do Hood and Jones vote Democrat today?

Vote Tea Party!

Pesky citizens want change

Feds, state tie up $150 trillion in resources

Matt Shea
 SPOKANE VALLEY, WA (6-27-14)---State Rep. Mat Shea (R-Spokane Valley) is heading up a western-states movement to transfer federally held lands to the states.
He's working with the American Lands Council to make sure the transfers happen.
The ALC's website contains fact-based videos which explain that the federal government must , by law, transfer federally held land to the states. The feds have long ago pushed the issue under the rug, because the more land the feds control, the greater is federal power over the people. The power is exercised through many departments making up an enormously expensive and increasingly agressive federal bureaucracy.
State Democrats and other miscreants are doing their best to stifle Shea's efforts.
Here in Washington, Shea and the ALC are battling the Nature Conservancy, which is in bed with---and augments the power of--- Democrats to make sure the transfers don't take place.
 Many say the purpose of this NC/Democrat cabal is twofold---to deny wealth to the middle class, making them more dependent on government for handouts, while driving free men into the cities where they may be more easily controlled.
Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee---who takes his marching orders from Obama and Co. thugs---is in on the anti-transfer caper up to his eyebrows.
Inslee recently vetoed a Shea bill that would have set Washington State on a course to demand the federal government transfer lands to Washington state and thence to its people. To get involved, check into the ALC website.
Vote Tea Party!

New ideas for Chicago: free markets and limited government

Deneen Borelli

 CHICAGO, IL--(7-15-14)---It's not too late for inner city minorities to learn about free markets and limited government, says Deneen Borelli, a prominent black leader.

Mrs. Borelli told YVN she, the Rev. C.L. Bryant, and other black leaders traveled to Chicago recently to talk to the black community about freedom and opportunity.

The group's presentation was sponsored by the Freedom Works Foundation's Empower Project.

Said Mrs. Borelli, "Black and other minority communities are plagued by high unemployment, high crime rates and little hope for a positive future.

"Years of liberal policies have failed, and it's crucial that we reach these communities with the message of limited government and free market principles--- before it's too late."

Freedom Works said "Despite the fact that the vast majority of black voters are Democrats and support President Obama, there's a growing anti-establishment, anti-Democrat and anti-Obama trend that's percolating in the black community.

"Since liberal policies have failed to help the black community, some blacks are questioning the political establishment and are seeking fresh alternatives to reverse the downward social and economic spiral." said Mrs. Borelli

Readers may lean more here.

Vote Tea Party!

Democrats pave the way to "Aztlan" with propaganda,politics, racism---planned invasion continues!
What was and where was Aztlan? Wake up and (read more)....
Alliance Defense Fund
challenges the ACLU. Anywhere!

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Israel: We love you.
Your enemy is our enemy (click).
Osama Bin Laden:

A warning to other jihadists. If you attack Americans, we will kill you. Dead. And bury your remains in pig offal and dog feces. Mesla sag bemiri There's no place to hide.

Check out Islam's Civilization Jihad. Arm yourself and your family Ragheads are where you find them.


Click here!

Build your own AR15 for $27---and hide it from jackbooted federals! Do it now!

A woman who demands further gun control legislation is like a chicken who roots for Colonel Sanders.

---Larry Elder

Who do Muslims vote for?
&%$#@ Democrats!
Vote Tea Party!
Draft Ben Carson
for U.S. President!

Dr. Ben Carson will heal America.


13th Amendment--Abolished Slavery
Republican Support 100%
Democrat Support 23%
14th Amendment--Citizenship for Slaves
Republican Support 94%
Democrat Support 0%
15th Amendment--
Right to Vote for All
Republican Support 100%
Democrat Support 0%
Republican Support 0%
Democrat Support 86%
Only agitation, propaganda and lies keep Democrats in office. And ignorant voters.

SAUL ALINSKY (1909-1972) was the community organizer whose ideas lefties today use to obtain and maintain power. It's time the Tea Party used some of this genius' tactics! Tea Partiers need to buy and study Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.

Your Democrat Party: thugs at the top and nitwits at the bottom!
The Yakima Valley News can't cure stupid---but we're fightin' ignorance with a big stick!