Red splotches in states above show federally controlled lands. Border patrolmen are not allowed in red areas. That federal policy allows thugs of all stripes to sneak freely through them and into the U.S. heartland. It's an emergency! See and study American Lands Council Info

Bad guys sneak through 'em
Federally owned lands create national security risk!

SUNNYSIDE, WA (8-28-14)---America's national security is being compromised daily because international criminals bring in illegal drugs, weapons and human beings.

These criminals are aided and abetted by the U.S. federal government, by the establishment media, by environmental groups whose agenda has nothing to do with real environmental problems, and by other leftist policy makers.

The American Lands Council map above indicates in red where federal lands are located in the U.S. The ALC has documented a mutitude of problems created by federal---rather than state and private--control of the lands in red. The ALC is working to bring the lands under state control.

But the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) has pointed out yet other dangers associated with federally controlled lands along the southern border. Since the retirees are no longer employed by the federal government, they're blowing the whistle.

To begin, NAFBPO says the feds deny Border Patrol staff unfettered access to the federal lands in red, thereby creating open corridors for criminals to inundate the U.S. At the same time, the invasions are getting worse daily, while Senor Obama plays golf. Obama says the border has never been more secure. He's a liar.

Note The top map on this page indicates Texas has little federal infestation when compared with Arizona and New Mexico. Texas Gov. Rick Perry, at the same time, is working to end the invasion and to deport alien nationals in his state..

Every time a democrat politician or environmenal wacko demands that new border lands be nationalized, criminal access is enhanced. If you like criminals and you like democrats, no problem. If you don't, it's time to shoot some and fire others. Your choice.

Why the Yakima Valley News? Because a lot of these criminals have illegally entered the U.S. and settled in the Yakima Valley and Washington State . That's why.

Border State
Border County
Clarence Dupnik (D)
(520) 351-4900
Leon Wilmot (R)
(928) 783-4427
Santa Cruz
Tony Estrada (R)
(520) 761-7869
Mark Dannels (R)
(520) 432-9505
Raymond Loera (D)
(760) 339-6302
San Diego
Bill Gore (R)
(858) 974-2222
New Mexico
Saturnino Madero
(575) 542-3833
New Mexico
Raymond Cobos
(575) 546-2655
New Mexico
Dona Ana
Enrique "Kiki" Vigil
(575) 525-1911
New Mexico
Benny House
(575) 437-2210
New Mexico
Scott London
(575) 887-7551
New Mexico
Mark Hargrove
(575) 396-8201
El Paso
Richard D. Wiles
(915) 538-2292
Arvin West
(915) 369-2161
Rey Rodriguez
(361) 325-3696
Clint McDonald
Alonzo Lopez
Call the above officials and ask them their views regarding the border crisis, what they're doing to mitigate it, and what help or hinderance they're getting from their state and the feds. Must-see movie: Southern border emergency leading to entire-country emergency (click).

Border Town Info Here

Every county has a sheriff. Many counties have international boundaries. Sheriffs can help with homeland security if given the go-ahead and resources to act.