Act fosters 1st, 10th Amendment concerns
Dept. of Licensing flies in face of state and federal constitutions as it implements Clinton's Drivers LIcense Protection Act
OLYMPIA (9-4-98)--On Sept. 3, 1998, the WA Dept. of Licensing decided to divide businesses and individuals into two classes.
The first class of businesses, listed at right, were allowed to retain their Vehicle Information Processing System (VIPS) access after Sept. 3, 1998.
VIPS priviliges make it possible to phone in to DOL, punch in an alpha-numeric license number, and determine the owner of a car or boat.
On 9-03-98, the notoriously left- wing Washington State Dept. of Licensing took away these priviliges from hundreds of other businesses in the state, setting them up as second class citizens. Second classers have no VIPS privilges, now.
The new DOL reg, which has the force of law, flies in the face of the Washington State Constitution.
To wit: "ARTICLE 1...SECTION 12: SPECIAL PRIVILEGES AND IMMUNITIES PROHIBITED. No law shall be passed granting to any citizen, class of citizens, or corporation other than municipal, privileges or immunities which upon the same terms shall not equally belong to all citizens, or corporations."
Of course, the left-wingers who infest Olympia have little but contempt for any constitution, state or federal.
Washington state has never revealed criteria regarding why some businesses retain VIPS phone access, and other businesses were "cut off", except to say its decision was based on a Clinton-era federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act which was later deemed against the federal constitution as well.
Western Wisconsin District Judge Barbara B. Crabb wrote in June, 1998, that the Act "violates the Tenth Amendment of the United States Constitution."

Those who brought the suit against the feds and their Act include a half dozen Wisconsin state representatives, a state senator, and Roger D. Cross, who heads up Wisconsin's Dept. of Motor Vehicles.

Judge Crabb's ruling frees up Wisconsin's vehicle information. But it apparently applies only to the Wisconsin District,not elsewhere. No one has so far brought a corresponding federal suit in Seattle's U.S. District Court.

The Act has served as the sole basis for the Democrat Locke Administration's cutting off access to vehicle license information to selected businesses in Washington state.

Nor has anyone challenged Locke's DOL regarding his blatent ignorance of Article 1, Section 12 of the state constitution.

The state has not said what criteria were used to terminate certain businesses, while allowing others to retain access.

Washington's Dept. of Licensing knows about the Crabb decision in Wisconsin, according to DOL public affairs official Mark Varadian. The Democrat Locke Administration, however, has chosen to ignore the federal court ruling. At the same time, Locke and Co. ignore the state constitution the governor has also sworn to uphold.

Readers can click on a city at right to find out which businesses within it retain VIPS access codes today.
(Update 2010--Later arguments have arisen against the DPPA. As years have gone by, the Act has been shown to severely hamper the press' traditional news gathering efforts. To the degree Democrats and RINOs (Republican In Name Only) have barred news organizations from DMV data, First Amendment concerns have arisen across the country.
YVN had a strong hunch about this effect 14 years ago and was pummeled by state bureaucrats).
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