The scourge of Democrat /Progressives in our America
Only agitation, propaganda and lies keep Democrats in office. And ignorant voters.

TUSCALOOSA, AL--(6-11-1963)---Democrat Gov. George Wallace stands in the doorway of the University of Alabama's Foster Auditorium. Wallace's campaign promise had been "segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever." Courageous black students Vivian Jones and James Hood later attended the tax-funded school anyway. Do Hood and Jones vote Democrat today?

Vote Tea Party!

Democrat thugs attack conservatives

Lois Lerner, IRS
Atty. Gen. Eric Holder

Money IS free speech; you have to BUY print and broadcast media to sell your Tea Party message. Did you attempt to create a Yakima Valley 501-C-4 to obtain donations to buy media? If so, these two Obama Democrat cabrones (Lerner & Holder) successfully shut you up in 2012. If it were legal to arrest you, they would have tossed you in the slammer. (see story).


Revealed: Michigan Democrat Sen. Carl Levin demanded IRS attacks on conservatives

Senate bleep helped skew 2012 election to favor Democrats


Video here

U.S. Marine held in Mexico:
Dems won't lift a finger!

Decorated Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi languishes in Mexico's La Mesa prison in Tijuana, as a Mexican guard looks on. Mexican officials are stonewalling Andrew's attorney. A decent U.S. president would dispatch a contingent of marines to La Mesa and secure Andrew's release. Vote Tea Party!

La Mesa Prisoners are a riotous bunch .They don't really like gringos like Tahmooressi. While Andy's here, Obama is at one of his golf games.

Your Democrat Party at work!
Thomas J. Dodd (Slick Tommy D)
 Gun control: thank Nazis and Democrats (same things)
The JPFO--Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership--say Thomas J. Dodd was the Connecticut Democrat who borrowed the Nazi's 1938 gun control law, translated it from German to English and introduced it to Congress.
It became America's Gun Control Act of 1968 under the presidency of Democrat Lyndon Johnson. All these assholes are /were Nazis.
The 1938 law was enforced by the Gestapo; the 1968 law is enforced by the BATF.
Jews didn't fare well under the Nazi law: can Americans fare any better under the Democrat version? Stay tuned.
QUESTION: Why does even ONE American Jew vote Democrat?

MARGARET SANGER (1879-1966) was a nurse, feminazi activist, and educator. Her eugenics activities were funded by the Ku Klux Clan and the Rockefellers. She and HItler formed a mutual admiration society. Her activities ultimately resulted in formation of America's Planned Parenthood death camps. Her efforts led to the legalization of late term, bloody abortions. Her activities have resulted in the deaths of 17 million black babies--which was and is the genocidal goal and aim of Democrats via Planned Parenthood.

BLACK LIVES MATTER! Why the hell do our Black Brothers vote Democrat?
Your Rent-a-Mob Democrat Party at work!
Democrat Billionaire George Soros funds hundreds of local community organizations which foment riots across America. He's the dollar source for what Rush Limbaugh calls nationwide rent-a-mob strategy. This old bastard also supports eugenics-style Planned Parenthood. (Blacks and Mexicans think he likes 'em because he gives money to their agitating groups. In realiy, they're just temporarily useful idiots) Soros is a goddamned modern day Nazi---he'd whack all minorities if they weren't useful to him, just like Hitler whacked the street-level agitating Brownshirts. The mansion pictured is one of many equally fine digs he owns.
Your Democrat Party: rich Hitlerian thugs at the top and *useful idiots at the bottom! (*See Panthers, AZTLAN)

Democrats pave the way to "Aztlan" with propaganda,politics, racism---planned invasion continues!

Marcos Aguilar, Los Angeles, displays the AZTLAN Solar Wheel on his noggin. Click his pic for more info. What was and where was Aztlan? (read more)....George Soros and Co. will use these minions, as long as they're useful, to tear down America. Then, Night of the Long Knives will commence. Whack.

The Yakima Valley News can't cure stupid---but we're fightin' ignorance with a big stick!

Prez Woodrow Wilson

Shadow government formed today--- Merry Christmas!

JEKYLL ISLAND, GA (12-22-1913)---Democrats and other thugs gathered here today to destroy the United States. And make a ton of cash for world bankers.
Democrat Pres. Woody Wilson was on site to help set up a private banking cartel (Fed), create a national police force (FBI), develop a cool new taxing agency (IRS), and destroy state powers (The U.S. Senate will no longer be appointed by state legislatures, but by banker-backed PACs).
These pukes did it all over Christmas vacation! Cool!

The U.S. soon will be indebted to the central bank, and as creditor,the bank will forcefully manipulate most government decisions. Like our entry into many wars for fun and profit! If we decide to abolish loan paybacks, bankers will finance the military of another country while cancelling loans for our own military. Then, like, bang! We're toast! Don't worry; be happy!

Your Democrat Party at work!
Democrat Franklin Roosevelt (inset) okayed the policy to send Japanese Americans at gunpoint into concentration camps in the 1940s. The Bill of Rights be damned. Vote Tea Party!

QUESTION: Why does even ONE Japanese American vote Democrat?

Dems need dead voters
WASHINGTON, D.C. (3-28-14)--The Obama regime has limited citizen access to the Social Security Administration's Death List.
As of 3-27-14 , citizens have to be certified to view this formerly public record. Who does the certifying? The regime. Oh, and these bastards are just starting, folks. Democrats can't let us find out who's dead because we'll expose names of the deceased they're using as voters for their party.

Your Democrat Party at work!

Looks like the Ku Klux Klan has changed colors and uniforms, replete with Soros- funded jackboots. They blame whites for their troubles. They call themselves the New Black Panthers. Sporting a Muslim name momma likely didn't give him, Khalid Abdul Muhammed leads fellow Democrats. These cool cat-crats intimidated Tea Party voters at a Philly voting station in 2012. There's your sign:

Vote Tea Party!


Democrat money momma despises minorities!

Democrat millionaire J.Z. Knight, 68, Yelm, WA, gets her info by channeling a 35,000-year old warrior named Ramtha. This thrice-married divorcee, who lives in a 12,500 square-foot chateau on several walled off acres, contributes big bucks to Democrats in Washington and nationwide. She has met and loves Obama, and shouts in favor of tax-supported abortion clinics (See Margaret Sanger, below). Tea Party folks are, of course, "tea baggers" to this babe. Evergreen Freedom Foundation revealed videos in which Knight "engaged in a series of obscenity laced rants directed at Catholics, gays, Mexicans and other minority groups." Vote Tea Party!

Democrat J.Z. Knight's palatial pad west of Yelm, WA. Dumb lower class Dems are led to believe this is the way most conservatives live (Ain't so)! Low class Lefty louts believe the lie because they want to believe it. So when they go to the voting booth, they keep their heads stuffed securely in their butts as they vote for the Democrats who despise them.

13th Amendment--Abolished Slavery
Republican Support 100%
Democrat Support 23%
14th Amendment--Citizenship for Slaves
Republican Support 94%
Democrat Support 0%
15th Amendment--
Right to Vote for All
Republican Support 100%
Democrat Support 0%
Republican Support 0%
Democrat Support 86%

SAUL ALINSKY (1909-1972) was the community organizer whose ideas lefties today use to obtain and maintain power. It's time the Tea Party used some of this genius' tactics! Tea Partiers need to buy and study Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.

Your Democrat Party at work!
Above: Democrat Bill Clinton uses his BATF in 1993 to incinerate 89 women and children at the Waco, Texas, Branch Davidian Church. While women and children died in excruciating agony, Clinton was romancing a young intern in the White House.
Your Democrat Party at work!
Democrat Ex-Prez Bill Clinton says the nation won't be "safe" until all guns are confiscated--and the 2nd Amendment is abolished. Actually, the government would then be "safe" for a military takeover of the country. And he shares a pillow with Hillary at night (?)
Your Democrat Party at work!

Above: a Ku Klux Klan rally in 1926. They're all Democrats. They blame blacks for their troubles. They didn't want blacks to vote. Democrat Robert Byrd, a local KKK activist and U.S. senator for 60 years, voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Vote Republican Tea Party!