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Second Amendment under siege
Democrats have a takeover agenda
The Second Amendment to our U.S. Constitution today is suffering the death of a thousand cuts, first made popular by the Chinese and today preferred by the nation's democrats.
There is no doubt in the minds of many that democrats want ultimately to ban all guns and thus disarm the entire American population. Their agenda is to accomplish this feat piecemeal.
If the country goes along with it, only the government will legally have guns. Street criminals--who by definition ignore all laws--will remain unaffected. Once disarmed, we will be vulnerable to two dangerous elements.
The most dangerous element--as viewed by those who penned the Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment--is government itself.
We have seen that this democrat government--under Bill Clinton and Janet Reno--is quite capable of murdering children using military hardware and personnel as they did so cavalierly at Waco and Ruby Ridge. If law abiding Americans totally give up their guns they will not be safe from government. In fact, we're not so certain they are safe today.
"Legal" guns are not on a par with military firearms. Thus, from the viewpoint of the founding fathers, we are already on very dangerous turf. There's no way most of us could turn back the kind of democrat-inspired military tanks that murdered the 18 kids in Waco.
The other danger we would face is the criminal element, which loves gun control. Thugs are increasingly ecstatic as it becomes tougher for law abiding citizens to obtain and use firearms. Those who like to mow down innocents in store robberies just hate it when a clerk pops a cap between their eyes. It's "dangerous" for thugs to attempt to rob an armed man, and crooks readily admit it.
In view of these truths, we're wise to democrats. They have a takeover agenda. We do not like their agenda. We know these glib-tongued phonies--representing apparently half-wit constituencies--say one thing and act out another. They are so corrupt they may no longer even be aware of it.
Bill Clinton has said that gun control will require a time-consuming, step-by-step procedure until America is "safe". If he were honest--which he demonstrably is not--he would say that government would then be "safe" to declare the entire Bill of Rights old and out of fashion, and therefore meaningless in the "modern" world.
The day is coming when gun owners will be notified--by mail and media--they have a "grace period" in which to turn in their weapons peacefully. Local police--very polite young folks in uniform--will appear on the doorsteps of citizens who have 1. ignored the notifications and 2. registered their weapons. Cops will carry a search warrant, and they will be trained in what to expect from recalcitrant "subjects."
These, we believe, will form the first days of the Second American Civil War. We shouldn't allow democrats to put us in this position.
--Les S. Moore (LA)