La Raza seeks Yakima Valley beachhead

Bob Dameon, Eastern WA Minutaman Leader. Americans: This man is on our side.

Selah Police Chief Gutierrez.

YVC employee and Aguila del Norte Leader Maria Cuevas. Your tax dollars free her up to organize against you.

La Raza: Old white folks have but one duty today: "DIE!"


Intercultural communication takes place via a bullhorn (above). "Viva la Raza" (Hooray for our race), and "La Raza Unida" (Our race United)" was communicated clearly to the Minutemen across the street Nov. 12, 2006. They told white folks across the street that "You are history".

La Raza demands wide open
U.S.-Mexico border

SELAH (11-12-06)---Washington State Minutemen and a La Raza cell group faced off here today, glaring at each other across Selah's South First Avernue.

Minutemen, present at a regularly scheduled meeting in the town's community center, expressed determination to keep the U.S.-Mexico border tightly closed against illegal aliens flooding into the U.S. daily.

The La Raza cell, Aguila del Norte, demanded the government keep U.S.-Mexico border as it is--porous.

Selah police stood by to put down any violence that might occur between the two groups. No violence took place.

On one side Aguila del Norte demonstrators used bull horns to chant "Viva La Raza" and "La Raza Unida" to set the racial tone for their sentiments. The (in English) "Eagles of the North" contend the border shouldn't even exist where it is.

Mexican-Americans, standing up for illegal Mexican aliens, said "We didn't cross the border; the border crossed us"--as a result of U.S. victory in the war with Mexico in 1848.

As their children watched, they shouted "You are history" to the middle-age and elderly white folks on the west side of the busy avenue, across five lanes of traffic. It was intercultural communications at its most blunt, and reminiscent of similar rhetoric of Los Angeles demonstrators in the 1990s.

Maria Cuevas, Yakima Valley Community College instructor in Intercultural Communications, heads Aguila del Norte. She and other demonstrators were coached today by the ACLU's Evi Licona.

Groups reportedly protesting Minuteman presence in Washington State include St. Michael's Episcopal Church, 5 Naches Ave., Yakima. St. Michael's Rev. Ernie Harrelson okayed use of his church facilities for an Aguila del Norte rally and sign-making session that took place earlier today.

Demonstrators expressed fear of the Minutemen in the church office, and were counseled to "walk away" if they were "baited" by Minutemen supporters. They were told to follow police directives immediately if things got out of hand.

Someone apparently had taught them to be terrified of the folks across the street. They also cast an occasionaly nervous glance at the police at the ready nearby.

Anti-Minutemen groups supporting Aguila del Norte reportedly include the WA council of Churches, Lutheran Community Services NW, Washington State Democratic Party Latino Caucus, Community to Community of Bellingham WA, and community leaders and members of Yakima County and Washington State, according to a Valley website.

Minutemen have many sympathasizers

Minutemen sympathizers glare right back at La Raza demonstratorsin Selah Nov. 6, 2006. Signs included "The truth is on our side" and "No border, no country.
La Raza: "Leave the U.S. Mexico border open"
Minutemen: "No way, Jose!"

Meanwhile, on the west side of the avenue, in equal numbers, demonstrators favoring the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps were mostly quiet. "We have the law and truth on our side," said one Anglo. "We don't need bull horns to make our points."

Another, noting the many children supporting Aguila del Norte across the street, said the kids are not well informed about the issues, and were being used for "propaganda purposes".

Minutemen are concerned about the United States' porous border to the south, and the multitude of tax-paid social programs that attracts millions of illegal aliens to take advantage of those programs. They also worry about free entry for Al-Quaida operatives, based on prayer rugs and other Islamic paraphernalia found on the U.S. side of the border with Mexico.

Craig Keller, Seattle, who spoke before the Minuteman meeting, told the group that, increasingly, folks will be boycotting businesses hiring illegals, and organizing day-labor site protests (A U.S. Code says it's illegal to hire illegals.)

Keller said the initiative process will kick into gear this year, with the first being against issuing drivers licenses to illegals, which leads to illegals voting.

Keller is working with city councils around Washington state to pass the Hazelton Laws, and mentioned "couragaeous" Bob Parks, Kennewick Councilman, who raised the issue at a council meeting there.

"The tide is turning all across the country...we have lawyers, pro bono, who will take on any challenges," he said.

Keller told the group that "at this point, the Yakima City Council is listening to GROWERS, who want cheap labor.

He urged people to go to Yakima city council meetings and complain about the high incidence of violence and crime caused by illegals, along with taxes to pay for illegals' education, health benefits,and much more.

"Taxes are killing us," he said. "It's cheap labor for growers, but we all pay exhorbitant taxes to feed, shelter, educate, and heal illegals--so it's not cheap labor for us."

Keller and others will be in Olympia soon, lobbying for state laws to curb the rapid influx of illegal aliens into Washington state.

In an earlier discussion by phone, Shawna Forde, who has acted as a spokesman for the MCDC, told YVN that "We are not the Minuteman project, we are the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps."

"We do not have any members who are affiliated with the Nazis or a white supremacist group. We have strict vetting guidelines that do not allow people affiliated with such groups to be Minutemen.

"A lot of our national Minutemen are Hispanic, African American, Asian. So how can we be anything but diversified?" she said.

"Forde added that, "I have expressed a willingness to debate Maria Cuevas on the issues at any time or place, as long as it's a real debate and is civil, with no name calling or yelling.

"I told (Eastern Washington) media that, but they didn't pick up on it," she told the YVN.

With an attitude--not with a bullhorn--of "We shall overcome" the Minutemen have vowed to overcome very wealthy special interests in the matter of illegal aliens.

They will have to overcome Republican desires for cheap labor, big unions' desires for membership, a big government educational establishment that pumps children full of political correctness, leftwing-agenda desires for a permanent underclass of "victims", big church desires for larger congregations, Democrats' desire for more Democrat voters, a U.S. government that selectively enforces the laws of the land, and a media establishment that sparks the heat of contention, but allows little light.

ACLU supports La Raza
against America

 The Americn Civil Liberties Union's Evi Licona leaves no doubt the ACLU is on the side of Anti-Minutemen Latinos who want to leave the American-Mexican border wide open. The ACLU doesn't care about hardships suffered by American citizens who have to endure Latino crime in their streets, who pay for Mexicans' use of social programs, or about Mexican-American Communists who organize around "crises" to fulfil Communist agendas. ACLU lawyers like Evi can earn $600 an hour for their after-hour "services". Evi specializes in banking and collections in her Yakima private practice at (509) 454-5010. Her office is at 307 No. 3rd St., Yakima, 98901-2360.

Cute, but she aids and abets freaky far left causes. We hate to think of her as a "useful idiot" (Marx/Saul Alinsky), but oh well, what the hell. That's life.