YVN obviously "racist" for quoting Nazi Latino thugs

La Raza leaders say old white folks have but one duty today: "DIE"

SUNNYSIDE, WA (2-7-05)----Seems Mexican-American leaders just don't like white folks.

A website, www.ccir.net , has recorded speeches given by La Raza leaders in the mid-1990s.

Each speaker works for some tax-funded institution. The "gringos" they hate so much are paying their FAT salaries! These racist Latin creeps live far better than most white folks, believe it.

Check these charming quotes:

Augustin Cebada, Information Minister of Brown Berets, militant para-military soldiers of Aztlan shouted at U.S. citizens at an Independence Day rally in Los Angeles on 7/4/96: "We're here today to show L.A., show the minority people here, the Anglo-Saxons, that we are here, the majority, we're here to stay...

"We're here in Westwood. This is the fourth time we've been here in the last two months, to show white Anglo-Saxon Protestant L.A., the few of you who remain, that we are the majority. We claim this land as ours. It's always been ours, and we're still here, and none of this talk about deporting.

If anyone's going to be deported it's going to be you! Go back to Simi Valley, you skunks! Go back to Woodland Hills! Go back to Boston! Go back to the Plymouth Rock, Pilgrims! Get out! We are the future. You're old and tired. Go on. We have beaten you, leave like beaten rats. You old white people, it is your duty to die. Even their own ethicists say that they should die, that they have a duty to die. They're taking up too much space, too much air.

Jose Angel Gutierrez, Univ. Texas professor at Arlington, founder La Raza Unida Party at UC Riverside, said in 1/1995: "The border remains a military zone. We have an aging white America. They are not making babies. They are dying. It's a matter of time. The explosion is in our population."

Armando Navarro, Professor of Ethnic Studies, UC Riverside, spoke at the Latino Summit Response to Prop 187 on 1/1995. Said Navarro, "These are the critical years for us as a Latino community.

' We're in a state of transition. And that transformation is called 'the browning of America'. Latinos are now becoming the majority. Because I know that time and history is on the side of the Chicano/Latino community. The balance of power of this nation is changing in the present and will in the future. It's a game. It's a game of power ---who controls it."

Speaking directly to MEChA students, Navarro said "You are like the generals that command armies. We're in a state of war...What this means is a transfer of power. It means control."

MEChA students dutifully chanted an increasingly recurring slogan at a national MECha conference held at Cal State Univ., Northridge, CA, on 6/1996: "For the race, everything, for those outside the race, nothing."

Art Torres, former Clifornia state senator, is currently chair of California Democrat Party at UC Riverside. Speaking on 1/1995, Torres said "Que viva la causa! (Long live our cause!) Remember, 187 is the last gasp of white America in California. "

Bill Richardson, New Mexico Governor, former U.S. Congressman, U.N. Ambassador, U.S. Secretary of Energy, was interviewed on Radio Latino USA. Responding to Congressional Immigration Reform legislation in 1996, Richardson said "These are changing political times where our basic foundations and programs are being attacked, illegal and legal immigration are being unfairly attacked."

"We have to band together," Richardson said, "and that means Latinos in Florida, Cuban-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Puerto Ricans, and South Americans. We have to network better. We have to be more politically minded. We have to put aside party and think of ourselves as Latinos, as Hispanics more than we have in the past." (Ed. Note, 2007: Richardson has his feelers out to run for president in 2008).

Mario Obledo, a founding member and former National Director of the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), also was the former California Secretary of Health and Welfare. Obledo said on Tom Leykis radio talk show that "We're going to take over all the political institutions in California. In five years the Hispanics are going to be the majority population of this state."

Responding, Leykis said, "You also made the statement that California is going to become a Hispanic state and if anyone doesn't like it they should leave. Did you say that?"

"I did", said Obledo. "They ought to go back to Europe."

Richard Alatorre, a former Los Angeles City Councilman, spoke on 9/1/96 at a Latino Summit conference in Los Angeles. The conference was held to voice opposition to California Proposition 209 that ended affirmative action. The proposition prohibited discrimination or preferential treatment by state and other public entities for one race over another for jobs, education, etc.

Speaking in 9/1996, Alatorre said "Because our numbers are growing, they're afraid about this great mass of minorities that now live in our community. They're afraid that we're going to take over the governmental institutions and other institutions. They are right, we will take them over...."

Joe Baca is a former California assemblyman and member of Congress. He spoka at a Latino Summit Response to Proposition 187 at UC Riverside on 1/1995 and the Southwest Voter Registration Project annual conference in Los Angeles, 6/1996:

Said Baca, "We need more Latinos out there. But when we look out at the audience and we see, you know, la familia, La Raza (the family, our race). You know, it's a great feeling. Isn't it a good feeling?....and let me tell you, we can't go back, you know, we're in a civil war."

California Proposition 187 was introduced in California in 1994 to deny illegal immigrants social services, health care, and public education.

Sunnyside Mexican-American students (majority in Sunnyside) demonstrate a day after Washington voters decided to eliminate coerced Affirmative Action in the state.



A nice, young anonymous fellow offers his opinion regarding Caucasians and the U.S. in Los angeles in 1996.

Antonio Villaraigosa, is the chair of MEChA (student wing of Aztlan movement) at UCLA. The former California assemblyman currently is a Los Angeles City Councilman. Villaraigosa spoke at the Southwest Voter Registration Project Conference in Los Angeles on 6/1997.

Said Villaraigosa, politicians who support legislation that denies the undocumented driver's licenses, don't belong in office, friends. They don't belong here."

Gloria Molina, (once a Sunnyside speaker) is one of five members of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Speaking at the Southwest Voter Registration Project Conference, on 6/1996, Molina said, "This community is no longer going to stand for it. Because tonight we are organizing across this country in a single mission, in a plan. ...And this November we are going to remember those who stood with us and we are also going to remember those who have stood against us on the issues of immigration, on the issues of education, on the issues of health care, on the issues of the minimum wage."

Ruben Zacarias is a former superintendent of Los Angeles Unified School District. Speaking at Southwest Voter Registration Project Conference in 6/1997 Zacarias said "We have 27 centers now throughout LAUSD.

"Every one of them has trained people, clerks to take the fingerprints. Each one has the camera, that special camera. We have the application forms. And I'll tell you what we've done with the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Now we're even doing the testing that usually people had to go to INS to take, and pretty soon, hopefully, we'll do the final interviews in our schools.

"Incidentally, I started this very quietly because there are those who, if they knew we were creating a whole new cadre of brand new citizens... it would have tremendous political impact. We will change the political panorama not only of L.A., but L.A. County and the State.

"And...we've changed the panorama of the nation. I'm proud to stand here and tell you that in those close to three years we have processed a little over 78,000 brand new citizens (Read Democrat voters). That is the largest citizenship program in the entire nation."

Ernesto Zedillo, former president of Mexico, is in on the action up to his eyebrows. He announced the Mexican constitutional amendment that allows dual citizenship for Mexicans on 6/23/97:

Said Zedillo, "I have proudly affirmed that the Mexican national extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders, and that Mexican migrants (read illegal aliens) are an important---a very important part of it.

"For that reason," Zedillo said, "my government proposed a constitutional amendment to allow any Mexican with the right, as he desires, to acquire another nationality to do so without being forced to first give up his or her Mexican nationality.

"Fortunately, the amendment was passed almost unanimously by our federal Congress and is now part of our constitution. I am also here today to tell you that we want you to take pride in what each and every one of your Mexican brothers and sisters are doing back home.

Fabian Nunez formerly was a tax-paid staffer of the Alliance for Immigrant Rights. Later, he was a tax-paid political liaison for the Los Angeles SchoolDistrict. Today, Nunez is speaker of the California Assembly.

Nunez spoke at the Latino Summit Response to Proposition 187 at UC Riverside, on 1/1995.

Said Nunez, "There's only two forms of power in this country and in this world. One is economic power, We certainly don't have the economic power because we don't own the means of production, but there's another form of power, and that's the power of the masses.(read illegal alien "immigrants") So you can be as revolutionary as you want, you can be Chicano nationalist, you can be Mexican-American, you can be Hispanic, you can believe in the concept of Aztlan, you can believe in the concept of multi-culturalism. Somebody can say 'Everybody here is wrong, I am the only one that has reached revolutionary completeness'.

Vicky Castro, a former member of Los Angeles Board of Education, spoke at the Southwest Voter Registration Project Conference on 6/1996.

Said Castro,"Que viva la raza, que viva la raza (long live our race)!"

" I'm here to welcome all the new voters of 18 years old that we're registering now in our schools. Welcome! You're going to make a difference for Los Angeles, for San Antonio, for New York, and I thank Southwest for taking that challenge.

"And to the Mechistas (MEChA students) across this nation, you're going to make that difference for us, too. But when we register one more million voters I will not be the only Latina on the Board of Education of Los Angeles. And let me tell you here, no one will dismantle bilingual education in the United States of America."

On 3/6/04 a Tucson, Arizona, rally took place. Eighteen persons, all similarly attired, signed a future-guestworkers-coming-to-our-country book.

They said their intent was "just to do work Americans won't do"

At the same conference, the Mexican chant became "Death to the U.S.": "Drive the U.S. into the Sea," "Get out, you're in Mexico," and of course their pep rally cry, "For the (brown) race, everything, for those outside the race, nothing."

YVN, of course, is racist for quoting the folks above.