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Bi-County Map

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Benton-Franklin Counties Politics

Note: All city, county, state, taxing district and school offices must obey WA open-records laws q Federal officials must obey the U.S. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA q )

BENTON Commission

Prosser Hospital Dist

FRANKLIN Commission

District Court

State Officials

Other Jr. Taxing Dists.

State Officials

WA Appeals Court

State Legislators

Kennewick SD

State Legislators

WA Supreme Court

Political Parties

Richland SD

Political Parties

Federal Officials

City of Kennewick

Kiona-Benton SD

City of Pasco

Federal Court

City of Richland

Prosser SD

Town of Eltopia

WA Ecology Dept.

City of West Richland

Patterson SD

Town of Basin City

CB College

Benton City

Finley SD

Town of Mesa

City of Prosser

Superior Court

Town of Burbank

Kennewick Hospital Dist

District Court

Town of Connell

Kennewick Port

Juvenile Detention Ctr.

Junior Taxing Districts

Benton Port

Hanford Site

Superior Court

Benton County Property OwnersFranklin County Property Owners
Government Schools
Town Governments
Government Taxing Districts