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Yakima County Superior Court
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County Toll Free No: (800) 572-7354
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Superior Courts are the only trial courts of record with original and unlimited jurisdiction. No claim is too large for a Superior Court to hear. It can separate a child from his mother, pronounce the death sentence or create any other legal sentence necessary to resolve a dispute. Superior Courts also have exclusive jurisdiction over cases involving the title or possession of real property and all cases involving matters of probate, marriage and divorce. Superior Court records are public records; reporters peruse them daily. Washington's 39 counties are divided into 27 judicial districts. There is at least one Superior Court judge elected in each district for a four-year term.
Yakima County Superior Court
Yakima County Courthouse, 128 N. 2nd St., Yakima, WA 98901
Gen. Info: (509) 574-2704 •
Yakima County Superior Court Judges (509) 574-2710 (all of 'em)
Four-year terms of office
Department #1
Susan Hahn (wife of Atty. Victor Lara)
216 S 32nd Ave, Yakima 98902
1/2001 to 12/2004
Department #2
Jim Hutton
2102 W Yakima Ave, Yakima 98902
1/2001 to 12/2004
Department #3
James F. Gavin
5305 Glacier Way, Yakima 98908
1/2001 to 12/2004
Department #4
Heather Van Nuys
1603 S 16th Ave, Yakima 98902
1/2001 to 12/2004
Department #5
Robert Hackett
805 Country Club Dr, Yakima 98901
1/2001 to 12/2004
Department #6
Michael W. Leavitt
107 N 13th St, Selah 98942
1/2001 to 12/2004
Department #7
Michael E. Schwab
8004 Englewood Crest Dr, Yakima 98908
1/2001 to 12/2004
Department #8
C. James Lust
2904 Canterbury Ln, Yakima 98902
1/2001 to 12/2004
q Court Commissioners
Lani-Kai Swanhart
Robert Inouye

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Washington FIJA: (509) 967-5317
Yakima County Superior Court staff, their positions and salaries...
Note: 1/2 judge's salary paid by county; 1/2 by the state
Susan Drougas, Court Reporter, $47,784
Joan Anderson, Court Reporter $47,784
Daniel Brown, Law Clerk, $51,000
Sara Erickson, Court Interpreter, $30,384
Maria Espinoza, Office Spec., $27,864
Nichole Forrest, Court Reporter, $41,220
Pauline Garcia, Program Rep. $29,652
Francis Gavin, Sup. Ct. Judge, $100,996
Robert Hackett Jr., Sup. Ct. Judge, $100,996
Susan Hahn, Sup. Ct. Judge, $100,996
Gloria Hintze, Admin. Sup., $40,752
James Hutton, Sup. Ct. Judge, $100,996
Robert Inouye, Court Commissioner $90,896
Lynn Laurent, Office Spec., $15,678
Michael Levitt, Sup. Ct. Judge, $100,996
Jesus Lemos Jr., Interpreter $35,412
James Lust, Sup. Ct. Judge, $100,996
Jori Nelson, Court Reporter, $38,856
Connie Parkinson, Office Spec., $32,292
Michael Schwab, Sup. Ct. Judge, $100,996
Lani-Kai Swanhart, Court Commissioner $90,896
Patricia Valero, Court Reporter, $43,728
Heather VanNuys, Sup. Ct. Judge, $100,996
Lynette Walters, Court Reporter, $47,784
Linda Wauzynski, Office Spec. $27,864

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