Yakima County Internal Revenue Service
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 IRS operates from offices at 107 S 7th Ave., Suite 200, Yakima, 98902. By law, agents may assume phony personal names. The 107 S. 7th Ave. building is owned by local developer Jerry Maggard, 106 S. 6th Ave., Yakima 98902 at (509) 453-5563. Neighbors say IRS staff, headed up by Mary Hendricks, is a "busy bunch". They come in at 6 a.m. and "leave late." Their spouses often work for local government--counties, cities, schools. IRS files its leins in the Auditor's office of any WA county, which forms another friendly link between local and federal government operations. Following information was obtained with the help of U.S. Rep. Doc Hastings.
 Are these birds pecking at you? Carefully read items at Taxable Income.Net
Most of the following agents are ignorant of the law, of IRS regulations, and of the Constitution, as you may be. Once you read information from Taxable Income, you may inform these local agents of what their own regulations really say, and have always said. Especially read the letter to IRS lawyer Barbara Felker from Dr. Tom Clayton. It's an eye opener!

Yakima IRS Agent Names, Phones (1999 Salaries follow)

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  • Wilburn G. Anderson, 948-4320
  • Carlos A. Andrade, 206-220-5804
  • Leslie E. Andrews, 206-220-5607
  • Wallace Au, 107 S 7th Ave, Suite 200 / 906 S. 32nd Ave. Yakima (509) 454-5706
  • Victor Benzel 107 S 7th Ave., Suite 200 / 4202 Donald Drive, Yakima (509) 454-5706
  • Fred W. Booher 107 S 7th Ave. Suite 200,Yakima (509) 454-5710
  • Joseph Carlson (509) 929-0670, 402 Yakima Ave.?
  • Nolan C. Clark (509) 952-0848 (mobile phone)
  • Karen Lee Durkee, 107 S 7th Ave., Suite 200,Yakima (509) 454-5706
  • Mary A. Hendricks,107 S 7th Ave./ 308 N 57th St., Terrace Hts (509) 454-5710
  • Lisa M. Hermansen
  • Sylvia L. Martinez
  • Coryl E. Martinsen, (206) 220-5764
  • Marvin H. Morehouse
  • Shawn Morigeau-Kretchmer 107 S 7th Ave., Suite 200 / 9913 Meadbrook Rd.,Yakima (509) 454-5710
  • Dennis Rencher, 107 S 7th Ave./ 4606 Glenmoor Circle, Yakima (509) 454-5710
  • Sally Jane Robinson 107 S 7th Ave., Suite 200,Yakima (509) 454-5706
  • Shaleta M. Robinson
  • Erlinda J. Rock, 206-220-5804
  • Rodolfo Robles, 206-220-5826
  • Kenneth J. Severson 107 S 7th Ave., Suite 200,Yakima (509) 454-5706
  • Mary B. Sevilla
  • James W. Snyder 107 S 7th Ave., Suite 200,Yakima (509) 454-5709
  • John D. Troutt 107 S 7th Ave., Suite 200,Yakima (509) 454-5710
  • Jerry W. Trussell, 503-326-5667
  • William H. Walton, 509-945-0285
  • Joy A. Wannamaker, 206-220-5826
  • Paul R. Ward, 503-326-3168
  • Judy A. Warden
  • Carol Waters 107 S 7th Ave., Suite 200,Yakima (509) 454-5710
  • Dawn Watkins, 206-220-5797
  • John L. Watson, 206-220-5761
  • Richard P. Watson

Yakima IRS job titles, salaries

Wilburn Anderson, revenue officer, $51,946
Carlos Andrade, cust. serv. rep. $34,554
Leslie Andrews, cust. serv. rep. $38,678
Wallace Au (retired?)
Victor Benzel, internal revenue agent $55,874
Fred Booher, revenue officer, $47,951
Joseph Carlson, internal rev. agent, $54,277
Nolan Clark, revenue officer, $59,067
Karen Durkee, tax auditor, $36,329
Mary Hendricks, group mgr. $74,035
Lisa Hermansen, cust. serv. rep., $30,445
Sylvia Martinez, cust. serv. rep., $32,889
Coryl Martinsen, cust. serv. rep. $35,570
Marvin Morehouse, cust. serv. rep., 21,797
Shawn K-Morigeau, "sy op", $28,333
Dennis Rencher, revenue officer, $51,946
Sally Robinson, tax auditor, $38,531
Shaleta Robinson, cust. serv. rep., $24,775 Rodolfo Robles, cust. serv. rep., $33,538
Erlinda Rock, cust. serv. rep., $30,490
Kenneth Severson, internal rev. agent, $59, 067
Mary Sevilla, cust. serv. rep. $22,227
James Snyder, excise tax agent, $59,067
John Troutt, sup. rev. officer, $66,442
Jerry Trussell, cust. serv. chief, $79,947
William Walton, revenue officer, $59,067
Joy Wannamaker, cust. serv. rep., $31,506
Paul Ward, cust. serv. rep., $27,490
Judy Warden, cust. serv. rep., $24,775
Carol Waters, ocr/ro aide, $33,297
Dawn Watkins, cust. serv. rep., $27,531
John Watson, cust. serv. rep., 37,601
Richard Watson, cust. serv. rep., $24,738

• (Newly seized) properties in your area up for auction

For the latest in Washington State seizures, call the 24-hour Seizure Hot Line at 206-220-5461

Yakima County Property Owners
(Property info, by property owner name only, is available by phone or FAX)
Call County Toll Free No: (800) 572-7354 Ask for Assessor's Office
IRS, Seattle

The IRS Freedom of Information Act office is at 915 W. 2nd Ave., Seattle, WA 98174, Phone (206) 220-5678, FAX (206) 220-5690. (See map below). Staffers in the FOIA office include Malia A. Berumen, Scott Duncan and Linda Wilcox. Linda (1999) is pleasant and helpful. The office is open between 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Pacific time. Each request for FOIA info is given a control number, eg. 91-1999-2420. The 91 apparently is an in-office classification. Indications are 1999 is the year of the info request, and 2420 the number of info requests received by the IRS FOIA office--or that staffer--so far that year. All these numbered requests are themselves public records.
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YOU have a Constitutional right to free speech, free press, free assembly, and redress of grievances. Congress, with the help of the sitting president, is the only institution which can legally rid the nation of the 90-year-old IRS. It so far refuses to do so.