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Sunnyside, East Washington, USA
Shootout reenactments!
New tourism draw suggested for Sunnyside
SUNNYSIDE (4-20-10)--Local resident Frank Ernest has suggested a new tourism draw for our fair city--shootout reenactments.

Ernest told Chamber of Commerce officials Monday that staged gang gunfights would offer a special Sunnyside cultural flavor for tourists. Hurled epithets like "pinche cabrón!", along with gunfire, would lend an element of realism.

"We probably should use blanks, though", Ernest said. "Sirens would help, if we can get police to cooperate. If we're lucky, we can get some real drive-bys to entertain folks. Ducking is good exercise."

Chamber officials tabled the suggestion until cops, hospital officials, gang members and Mexican Mafia caporales can be contacted. "We'd need everybody's input," said Chamber member Hijo LaChingada, who's reportedly down for the struggle.

Said Ernest, "City folks tend to be a bunch of thoughtless white, liberal, left-wing weenies. They need to come here for real enlightenment."

 She was shocked
Look at all these white people, latina exclaims
PROSSER, WA (5-7-12)---It comes as a surprise to some that Mexicans from Michoacan haven't completely taken over the Yakima Valley in our politically correct sanctuary state.
As she sat in the audience at the Princess Theater, watching a wonderful production, produced by white folks (one black, no Latinos), the Latina lady was surprised enough to mention it to a nearby white guy.
"Well, it sort of balances out," said the white guy. "I work in Mabton (WA--just up the road), and there are hardly any white people there."
Silence ensued. After all, the white guy obviously had make a racist comment. In America's 21st century, the truth is always racist.