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Getting a "handle"
The Yakima Valley News is set up for use by you political activists and newspaper reporters. To be effective, you need to get a "handle" on what's happening in our town, county, state, or country. To get a "handle", you need to know WHO the players are. Then you can determine WHAT the players (politicians/bureaucrats) are supposed to be doing, WHAT they're actually doing, WHERE they're doing it, WHEN they're doing it, and WHY (they say) they're doing it. Obtaining names of potential lower level info sources also is crucial to getting a "handle". So is spotting familial relations within bureaucracies. This site is intended to make it quick and easy for us peons to get a "handle" on our political and bureaucrat friends. You can't pick up a hot, slippery tea kettle and pour it out--or toss the damned thing out the window--unless you have a "handle". Get it? Get a handle! Get a good grip! Have a rollicking good day!

Using the term "Democratic"
No matter how many times they're swatted for it, the Associated Press and other "lamestream" media refer to the Democrat party as the "Democratic" party. It's always "the Republican party and the 'Democratic' party". Their use of the word "Democratic" is a surreptitious way of stating--without saying it out loud--that the Republican party is not democratic. For that matter, NO OTHER party is therefore democratic, either, according to AP and other propagandists. When you read "Democratic" party, just insert "Democrat" in place of the word "Democratic". You'd be surprised how the tone and meaning of the given newspaper/TV story changes in your mind. Try it.

Cesar Chavez: ferocious opponent of illegal immigration
Cesar Chavez hated illegal immigration because big agriculture could always draw upon Mexican nationals to replace members of his United Farmworkers Union. Later in his career, after he had become a widely renowned Latino hero, Chavez was conflicted. Should he continue his union organizing interests? Or should he embrace "Aztlan", the reconquering of a huge chunk of real estate Mexico lost to the U.S. in 1848? Read all about it.

 Big Ag supports illegal immigration

SUNNYSIDE (6-9-07)--Corporate agriculture in Washington State is hauling out its big guns. They're angry that the latest immigration amnesty bill died in Congress. They want Pres. Bush to resurrect the amnesty bill (Bush said today he intends to do just that). Mike Gempler, executive director of the Yakima-based Washington Growers League, said reform groups (Minutemen, Tea-Party citizens) are "getting a lot of publicity" and "inaccurately characterizing the (bill) as amnesty". Gempler indicates big ag is therefore going to retaliate in the press. Some 200 ag businesses and community groups (unnamed) will pay $10,000 for full-page ads in the Tri-City Herald, Yakima Herald Republic, Spokesman Review (Spokane), Wenatchee World, and Walla Walla Union Bulletin. Chances are excellent the ads won't be pro-Minuteman. Sources inside various Minutemen groups vow to get a list of ad buyers and compare it with ICE raid lists.


The race industry: obvious double standards
"Neener neener neener. You're a racist because you're white. I can't be racist because I'm not white. Since I'm not white, I can say anything I want about you, in public and in private, and you can't do anything about it, whitey. You'd better not. Don't you dare say anything bad about me in any venue because I'll tell La Raza Unida or the NAACP or the Southern Poverty Law Center on you, and you'll be sorry. Very sorry."
Our white representatives in local, state and fedeal government entirely agree with this statement. We need to spank these reps because they agree with it. Spank them and vote them out of office.

Are we dumber than our grandparents?
Drug laws increase the business risk of drug sales and use, therefore drug prices skyrocket. If there were no strict laws against drug use, street prices would be closer to production prices--a dollar or less for a pound of dried marijuana, for example. Fifty cents or less for a big chunk of heroin. Fifty cents or less for many lines of cocaine.
As things are, however, these commodities are priced in the hundreds of dollars. That's pure black-market economics. A very wealthy mob went out of the liquor business the day Prohibition ended.
Today's Drug Prohibition has spawned Al Capone-like gangs and,as well, the enormous Anti-Drug Industry. Both thrive today. Both take an outrageous toll on our society. We're either weaker or dumber than our parents/grandparents for letting these things continue as they are.

If we ended drug laws today, drug cartels could no longer afford pushers to hang around schools. Cartels would simply dry up.

Their production/transportation/sales infrastructure would collapse, exactly as occurred in the 30s when alcohol prohibition was lifted by a sensible public.

Since drug prices/profits are astronomical, however, for the above reasons, and for the time being, drug users need to rob, burglarize, kill, loot and pillage to pay for their daily habits. Oh, and they DO.

La Raza: These Nazi thugs use race as propaganda

SUNNYSIDE (6-24-07)--La Raza does NOT want it made clear that there's a big difference between racism and nationalism. Such clarity disolves their arguments. If you're a racist, you automatically bristle when you see someone else of a different skin color from your own. You back away and turn your head. If you have a room-temperature IQ, you spit. If you're simply a nationalist, you won't allow anyone--foreign or domestic--forcibly to change or tear down your country, regardless of how they intend to go about it. Viewed through this lens, take a look at La Raza in the streets, and their sly backers in the ACLU. Keep the difference between racism and nationalism straight in your head. Smile when La Raza calls you names. But don't give an inch. Take it to 'em. This is YOUR country, Americans. You know who you are.

At last: gang bangers targeted

SUNNYSIDE (6-21-07)--If you're a gang member in Sunnyside, WA, (100% La Raza say police) you now may be up for a maximum year in jail and $5,000 fine. A parent who "knowingly permits" a child to break the new gang law may also be guilty of a civil infraction and fined $1,000. Ah, but in steps "ACLU spokesman" Doug Honig. According to the Washington BAR Assn., this bird isn't even an attorney. Honig says he's going to "watch" how the new law is enforced. If Honig sets foot in town, he should be nailed under the city's nuisance statutes. In fact, the ACLU has become a left-wing nuisance. The ACLU itself should be sued for aiding and abetting sedition in our country. Good news: Capt. Phil Schenck says he's got calls from cities all across the country who are looking at a similar law in their own jurisdictions. News note: ACLU lawyers, all of whom work for a firm, have been known to make $600 an hour for their extra-curricular "services", bought and paid-for by unseemly special interest groups.

Cops giving landlords an underserved break?
Sunnyside PD quietly helps thugs hide
SUNNYSIDE (6-8-07)--After a half year, Sunnyside PD still refuses to give out precise addresses of those whom it arrests.

 In the past, police released precise addresses for the press and public. This enabled reporters and activists to find out WHERE thugs live and WHERE they commit their atrocities. It enabled the public to discern crime patterns they can in turn present to the city council for redress of grievances.

Follow the money. We suspect out-of-town landlords don't want their thug-hideout rental units to be revealed to an informed public. Angry citizens might complain to the city's decision makers, and ultimately affect landlord wallets.

 Enough illegals in WA alone to make up a large city
Based on demographics, the federal INS estimates 136,000 illegal aliens reside in Washington State. Based on its own counts, the state puts the figure at 207,000. Each year, these folks cost state taxpayers an estimated $665 million. That's to educate, incarcerate, and provide medical care for them. If other socialistic perks are included, the figure doubles. Since the feds show little interest in closing the borders or going after those who employ illegals, WA taxpayers may have to pay $1.2 Billion for illegals in 2010, and $2.02 Billion in 2020; these figures again double with other perks. That's just in Washington! For those interested, see the full report from the Washington Policy Center. Included are numbers and costs for all U.S. states. What can YOU do, Ducky?

Americans snap up jobs illegals leave behind
ICE raids recently conducted at Swift meat packing plants revealed Americans snap up jobs illegals leave behind. The day after the raids took place, news stories indicated scores of legal workers were lining up to apply for the jobs left vacant by illegal aliens who fled or were arrested.

 Don't expect any money back
Washington state bureaucrats/Democrats reaped a $2-Billion tax bonanza recently (2006). It's surplus money which, if the state returned it to the people, would give each taxpayer $416 to spend as he wishes. Chances of the state returninng the money to hard working taxpayers are nil. They're spending the dollars like drunken sailors while holding their hands out for more. Lets hear it for a new state called East Washington. (Update 2009: These Democrat turkeys have run the state budget $10-Billion in the hole.

U.S. Supreme Court: You can't ask that question, peasant
In 1982, the Supreme Court narrowly (5-4) decided that government service agencies could no longer ask certain questions regarding illegal aliens. Plyler v. Doe, 457 U.S. 202, makes it illegal for service entities to ask any person whether he entered the country illegally. The decision cut off the only straightforward way to determine how many illegals are in the U.S. At the same time, it gave open borders politicians a way to mask the impact of illegals on the country.

Have communists made gains in U.S since 1963?
 The 1963 Congressional Record reveals 45 major changes the communist party was determined to make in the U.S. some 44 years ago. Did these vermin accomplish what they set out to do? In a word, mostly, yes. Ladies and gentlemen, take the caps off your cockroach spray cans and fire away.

Cap and Tax name change
Now Democrats call it the "American Power Act" as sponsored by John Kerry and Joe Leiberman
WASHINGTON, D.C. (6-21-10) Without a hint of shame, congressional communists are moving ahead with what used to called the "Cap and Tax" program. People raised their voices against this outrage six months ago. Congress backed off.
Now Democrat pols are sneaking back by pushing the act under a different name.
Earlier government estimates were the Act would cost $9 trillion over the next two decades, and only reduce global temperatures by .003 percent Farenheit over the next 100 years.
The nasty little secret is that all pols know Man-Made Climate Change is a farce!
The bill is designed to garner more money for feds, who will conjure up yet more freebie programs to "help" the latest "victims". The "victims" will in turn vote for these same polititians. That's what keeps Democrat bastards in office.
Shameless Democrat pols are now pushing cap and tax again, and are calling it the "American Power Act". It was recently introduced by Sens. John Kerry (D) and Joe Leiberman (I).

These people demand that each person and business have a legal limit (cap) on the amount of carbon dioxide they can put into the air. If he or his business goes beyond that limit, he'll have to pay a progressive tax to the feds. The new tax bite will force energy producers to raise prices for their goods.

In addition, all goods have an energy-cost component to their production. Prices will spike for all vital goods: food, clothing, transportation, shelter, home heating--everything.
The wealthy will be much less affected by the "American Power Act" than the poor. The poor pay a third to half their incomes for energy costs and the remainder vital goods.
Welcome to communism in Amrica.

 Gun control: thank Nazis and Democrats
The JPFO--Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership--say Thomas J. Dodd was the Connecticut Democrat who borrowed the Nazi's 1938 gun control law, translated it from German to English and introduced it to Congress. It became America's Gun Control Act of 1968. The 1938 law was enforced by the Gestapo; the 1968 law is enforced by the BATF. Jews didn't fare well under the Nazi law: can Americans fare any better under the democrat version? Stay tuned.

With gun control, only criminals have guns
According to Ed Chenel, police officer, Victoria, Australia, it has now been 12 months since gun owners in Australia were forced by a new law to surrender 640,381 personal firearms to be destroyed by the Australian government, a program costing Australia taxpayers more than $500 million dollars.   First-year results are now in:
• Australia-wide, homicides are up 6.2 percent,
• Australia-wide, assaults are up 9.6 percent ;
• Australia-wide, armed robberies are up 44 percent.
• In the state of Victoria alone, homicides with firearms are now up 300 percent.  
While law-abiding citizens turned in their guns, criminals did not. Criminals still possess their guns.   While figures over the previous 25 years showed a steady decrease in armed robbery with firearms, this has changed drastically upward in the past 12 months, since criminals now are guaranteed that their prey is unarmed.   There's also been a dramatic increase in break-ins and assaults of the elderly, while the resident is at home.   Clueless Australian politicians are at a loss to explain how public safety has decreased, after such monumental effort and expense was expended in "successfully ridding Australian society of guns."You won't see this on the American evening news or hear your governor or members of the state legislature disseminating this information.   The Australian experience speaks for itself. Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property. Gun-control laws affect only law-abiding citizens.

Keep an eye out for Wahhabists
Of all Muslim religious sects, it's Wahhabists who really want to behead you, Mr. infidel, to force your wife and daughters into Pelosi-style burkas, and make the U.S. an Islamic state. Wahhabists preach vitriolic hatred in their mosques and might be likened to an agressive cancer. Americans need to keep an eye on them wherever they find them. A valid comparison can be made between today's Jihaudists and Nazis in World War II.

Obama calls it "change"

Leftist goals: destruction of U.S. economy--and U.S.

Environmental wackos are a piece of the modern Democrat coalition (Along with "feminazis", racist minority leaders, anti-border- control organizers, Bush haters, and very wealthy manipulators). A prime example of enviro-terrorist success is the northwest spotted owl fiasco which has ruined the lives of thousands of American workers who were dependent on Northwest timber crops. Another is their ongoing attempt, via the judicial system, to tear down Snake River dams, worth billions, which irrigate farms and generate power. A third is their dark, Ducky-Lucky assertion that man, not the sun, is responsible for "global warming" (Mars is heating up, too). Environmental wackos are not only goofy, they're dangerous. The higher-up agenda is to take this country down. Lower-agenda street grunts,"useful idiots", might not even realize what they're doing.