Mabton City Council 894-4096
Mayor Mario Martinez
Mayor ProTem Oping Hutson
Councillor Sophia Sotelo
Councillor Mark Gourneau
Councillor Vera Zavala
Councillor Arturo De La Fuente
Mabton City Staff
Police Chief Rick Gutierrez
Fire Chief Luke Cussins 894-4777
Public Works Director Chris Morris
Clerk-Treasurer Tanya Gaston 894-4096
Deputy Clerk Yolanda Pena
Utility Clerk May Ramirez
Mabton Schools 894-4852
Chair Elsa Sanchez
Natalie Palomarez
Wendy Morrow
James Adams
Vacant Position (open)
Mabton SD Staff
Superintendent Minerva Morales 894-4852
High School Principal Caleb Oten 894-4951
High School Vice Principal Susan Sartain 894-4951
Arts Fox Elementary Principal Angie Ozuna 894-4941
Apparent Vice Principal Robert Morales, spouse of.
Mabton Resident Arrest Records
Yakima County Jail Inmates, Yakima (double click on name for details)
Illegal Alien Tip? Call 866-347-2423
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Mabton residents get mail at Mabton' s USPO
Mabton property owners revealed
(MABTON, WA 4-15-14)--A careful and tedious culling through public records has revealed who owns what in the city of Mabton.
YVN hereby attempts to cut through the clutter and pin down relevant info for anyone who may wish to use it. Like the city council or PD. Or sheriff. Or ICE.
Far be it from us to state categorically that the town is a perfect portal for illegal alien traffic or gang-banger drug sales to the local student body. We can't prove that. We'll leave that to other concerned folks with a usable I.Q.
Notes regarding the info below:
* xxxx means no address number is divulged in the public record (city can mandate domicile/business/government numbering).
* U.S. Mail is not delivered to in-town addesses; all residents rent P.O. Boxes.
* Names of PO Box renters are not divulged, by regulation, according to Postmaster Kristen Luther.
* Persons of any age may rent a PO Box according to federal regulation, as long has they produce an easily obtainable photo and one other piece of I.D.
* Names of Mabton domicile renters are known only to landlords (until city fathers mandate otherwise).
* Owner residents or landlords are listed here; 30% of addresses reportedly are rental units.
* Readers may use their browser's "Find" to locate any person in this document. Names often are listed in more than one place.
* Type any address into Google Earth---and add Mabton, WA---to view property.
 As parcels below are identified as rental units, their colors will change from blue to red.

Mabton Resident Arrest Records
Jackson St.
Monroe St.
Adams St.
Jefferson St.
2nd St.
3rd St.
5th St.
6th St.
1st Ave.
2nd Ave.
3rd Ave.
4th Ave.
5th Ave.
6th Ave.
7th Ave.
8th Ave.
Sevilla St.
George St.
Main St.
Skylstad St.
Vance Rd.
Ferry Rd.
Washington St.
Euclid Rd.
C St.
B St.
High School Rd.
Allison Rd.
Gulden Rd.
Boundary Rd.
North St.
South St.
Fern St.
Rose St.
Cedar St.
Pine St.
Maple St.
Yakima River Frontage Properties just North of Mabton (listing is West to East)
902 Vance Rd., Gary A. & Corinne F. Visser ( Riverfront 79 acres in 3 parcels)
xxxx Cemetery Rd., Randall C. & Connie L. Hecker ( Riverfront 36 acres)
xxxx Cemetery Rd., Washington State Dept. of Wildlife (Riverfront 97 acres)
xxxx Ferry Rd South of Cemetery Rd., Washington State Dept. of Game (Riverfront 41 acres)
xxxx Lenseigne Rd., Washington State Dept. of Wildlife (Riverfront 20 acres)
Jackson St.
105 Jackson St., Vanessa Bautista
120 Jackson St., Jose H. & Julia Peralez
221 Jackson St., Paul M. & Virginia Desmarais
315 Jackson Stll, Teresa & A. Moreno Gomez
317 Jackson St., Ramon Lozano
400 Jackson St., Maria Sanchez
404 Jackson St., Daniel Gonzalez
503 Jackson St., Gustavo Brambila
517 Jackson St., Pedro & Ramona Nunez
517 Jackson St., Anna Clarabel Fonesco
Monroe St.
104 Monroe St., Jose B. Jr., Flores
241 W. Monroe St., John Haas, Inc. (Hop Fields)
1003 Monroe St., Esteben Veliz
1051 Monroe St., Juan F. & Julia Marenco
xxxx Monroe St., Humberto Espinoza (4-acre parcel)
1281 Monroe St., John Lucki
(Also see 4th Ave., where it converges with Monroe in town)
Adams St.
300 Adams St., Carmen P. Alonzo
302 Adams St., Jose De Jesus & Ofelia Macias
304 Adams St., Jorge & Mari Cruz Mendoza
306 Adams St., Guadalupe Gutierrez
317 Adams St., Leduvina Aquilar
xxxx Adams & 3rd Ave., Juan M. & Petra M. Estrada
xxxx Adams St., & 4th Ave., Gilberto & Esperanza Sanchez (3 parcels)
607 Adams St., Matias & Maria E. Mendoza (2 parcels)
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Jefferson St.
303 Jefferson St., Enrique and Maria Elena Ortiz
502 Jefferson St., Francisco Roman Moreno
xxxx Jefferson & 6th Ave., Martha Ramos (3 parcels)
xxxx Jefferson & 6th Ave., Gilberto & Esparanza & Jorge Sanchez
Main St. ( Merges into Glade Rd./Mabton-Bickleton Rd. heading South)
204 Main St., Rafael & Martha Morfin (Large Apt. House)
xxxx Main St. / C St., Jose G. & Maria G. Alcantar
xxxx Main St. (West of) Jose G. & Maria G. Alcantar
xxxx Main St. (West of) Jose G. & Maria G. Alcantar
xxxx Main St / B St. Jose G. & Maria G. Alcantar ( 4 parcels)
xxxx Main St., N.E. Side, City of Mabton (City Hall & Police Dept.)
xxxx S. Main Street (Mabton Schools' Admin. Office)
xxxx Main St., S. of North St., (Mabton Schools Vocational Bldg.) (Across From Blue Sky Mkt)
305 Main St., City of Mabton
xxxx Main St/ North St. City of Mabton
323 Main St., Sandra Barajas
xxxx N. Main St.,City of Mabton 2 Parcels--City Hall & Vacant Lot)
451 N. Main St., Powell Christensen Inc. (Texaco Station/ Convenience Store)
513 Main St., Jose & Martha Toledo
519 Main St., Aurelio Jr. & Olga Nunez
522 Main St., City of Mabton
603 Main St., Northwest Latin Conference
613 Main St., Hector & Teresa Ahumada
615 Main St., / Rose St.,Sunnyside Housing Åuthority
704 Main St., Celso A. & Idolina A. Alvarez (2 parcels)
717 Main St., Eujeania Molina (2 parcels)
718 Main St., Arturo Macias Cisneros
723 Main St., James M. & Irene Fox
791 Main St., Wayne D. & Brenda G. Aldrich
803 Main St., Trinidad & Rita Reyna
809 Main St., Art & Vicky Zavala
810 Main St., Lorenzo Chavez
920 Main St., Albert & Holanda Carranza
xxxx Main St./B St. Grace Brethern Church of Mabton
xxxx Main St., Jose Miguel & Pura Raquel Juaraez
xxxx Main St. (East of) Gilberto & Experanza Sanchez
xxxx Main St. (East of) City of Mabton
xxxx Main St./ C St., City of Mabton
xxxx Main St., (N.E. Side), City of Mabton (2 parcels)
xxxx Main St. (West of ) Jose G. & Maria G. Alcantar (2 parcels)
xxxx Main St., (West of) Shannon Pierce
xxxx Main St. / Cedar St., Eujeania (2 parcels)
xxxx Main St. / Hwy 22, Burlington Northern / Santa Fe Railway Co.
xxxx Main St / Pine St., Elva Brambila
xxxx Main St., Mabton School District 120 (Across From Blue Sky Market)
xxxx Main , Merges S. to 351 Glade Rd., Robert & Barbara Gannon ( Golden Gate) Hop Ranch
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2nd St.

510 2nd St , Miguel and Rachel Zavala
618 2nd St, Alejandro M Hernandez
736 2ndSt., Jose and Melissa Mejia
820 2nd St., Adelberto Sanchez
622 2nd St., Blake A. De la Fuente
3rd St.
207 3rd St., James N. and Barbara Laughlin Living Trust
214 3rd St.,Washington State Migrant Council (several parcels)
xxxx 3rd. St., United Builders of WA, Inc.
xxxx 3rd St., City of Mabton
xxxx 3rd St., Debra Erosa
314 3rd St., Sunshine Car Wash
618 3rd St., Edgar R Garcia
622 3rd St., Luisa Valencia
710 3rd St., Patricio and Yolanda Alvarez
722 3rd St., Eulalio and Cecilia Lopez
804 3rd St., Jesus and Esther Huerta Osorio
822 3rd St., Modesta Perez Torrez
xxxx N. 3rd & B St.s., United Telephone Co., of the NW
xxxx 3rd & Fern Sts., Antero and Dolores Vigil
xxxx N. 3rd St.,, Burlington Northern/Santa Fe Railway Co.
1010 3rd St., Benito Cervantes Jr.
1022 3rd St., Manuel & Margarita Tellez
1030 S. 3rd St., Cecilia Rivera
5th St.
xxxx 5th & Washington Sts., First Methodist Church of Mabton (2 parcels)
xxxx 5th & Washington Sts., City of Mabton (one parcel)
105 N. 5th St., Pablo Bucio
210 N. 5th St., U.S. Bank of North America
217 N. 5th St., Jose Mendez
820 5th St., Rafaela & Elieser Bonilla
xxxx 5th St., Maria Cardenas
5th & C St., Jose Mendez
5th & C Sts., City of Mabton (4 parcels)
5th & C Sts., Mabton School District (2 parcels)
5th and Rose Sts., Sunnyside Housing Authority (Aketha Kimbrough / Bill Eikenberry @ 837-5454, 204 S. 13th St., Sunnyside)
5th & C Sts., Carlos Brambila Lopez
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6th St.
104 N. 6th St., Velva Linda Z Herrera
124 N. 6th St., Silvestra Olivarez
204 N. 6th St., Maria De Leon
504 S., 6th St., Gerardo & Maria I. Bazaldua
505 S. 6th St., Antonio Yepez Ramos
513 6th St., Blanca Bazaldua
xxxx 6th St., Grace Brethern Church of Mabton (2 parcels)
6th St./Fern St., Salvador and Rubicelia Lemus
710 S. 6th St., Guadalupe and Celia Garza
817 S. 6th St., Jon R. and Rosa E. Bonewell
909 6th St., Jesse J. Trujillo
6th & Fern Sts., Pedro M. Vargas
6th & Maple Sts., Marquez Family LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) (2 parcels)
6th & Maple Sts., Noe Gonzalez
xxxx N. 6th St., City of Mabton
6th & South Sts., Mario & Celina Martinez, POB 872. Renaissance Investment Group Inc.
1st Ave.
112 First Ave., Manuel and Elma Calixto
118 1st Ave, Juan A. & Isabel O. Martinez.
124 N. 1st Ave., Angie Venecia
130 1st Ave., Gus Perez
xxxx 1st & Monroe, Antonio & Gloria Garcia
216 N. 1st Ave., Maria P. Trujillo
226 1st Ave., Shirley Briones
xxxx 1st Ave., (E. Side), Daniel & Martha Gonzalez
xxxx 1st Ave., Maria S. Morfin
228 1st Ave., Elvia Gimlin
308 1st Ave., Ruben Gutierrez
320 1st Ave., Alma Rosa Lopez
322 1st Ave., Jose & Marian E. Cardenas
xxxx 1st. Ave (E. of), Rosendo Nunez
xxxx 1st Ave., Jose and Marian E. Cardenas
326 1st Ave., Jesus and Maria S. Morfin
2nd Ave.
104 N. 2nd Ave., Ubaldo Casstellanos
112 2nd. Ave., Martha L. Rodriguez (2 parcels)
114 S 2nd Ave. Lorenzo & Maria A Robledo
115 N. 2nd Ave., Lucila & Efrain Quesada
125 2nd Ave., Raymond A. & Phyllis Camarata
127 N. 2nd Ave., Pedro and Gloria S. Alvarado
202 N. 2nd Ave., Jose & Julia Peralez
203 2nd Ave., Joseph Ancira
212 2nd Ave., Jose Ramos Hernandez (2 parcels)
214 E. 2nd Reyna Arreola
xxxx 2nd Ave. (E. Side), Jesus Jr., & Janice Alaniz
xxxx 2nd Ave. (E. Side), Michael R. & Juila M. Dominguez
215 2nd Ave., Huberto Penaloza & Concecion Zaragoza
224 2nd Ave., Guadalupe Maldonado
226 2nd Ave., Kristopher and Olivia Kollmar
229 2nd Ave., Sandra Barajas
xxxx 2nd Ave., Dan L. Politte
xxxx 2nd Ave., (East of) Dan L. Politte
xxxx 2nd Ave., Lorenzo Jr. & Anita M. Robledo
xxxx 2nd Ave., Miguel V. and Sandra Gonzalez
xxxx 2ndAve., Isidoro & Patricia Ventura
xxxx 2nd Ave., Dan Politte
304 2nd Ave., Dan Politte
xxxx 2nd Ave., Antonio G. & Gloria Garcia
xxxx 2nd Ave., (E. Side), Maria T. Arreola
xxxx 2nd Ave. (E. Side) Reyna Arreola
xxxx 2nd Ave., (W. Side) Alvin L. & Dianne K. Artz
305 2nd Ave., Miguel Angel & Alma Delia Miranda
310 2nd Ave., Francisco Mendez
315 2nd. Ave., Carlos Guizar
317 2nd Ave., Antonia Herrera
323 2nd Ave., Adrian N. and Dahena Y. Calixto
324 N. 2nd Ave., Sotero & Rosa Garzon
xxxx N. 2nd Ave., Sotero & Rosa Garzon
325 2nd Ave., Ignacio Morin
326 2nd Ave., Francisco and Maria G. Chavez
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3rd Ave.
104 N. 3rd Ave., Francisco Mendez
108 3rd Ave., Francisco Flores
112 3rd Ave., Antonio & Soledad Pineda
115 N. 3rd Ave., Ricardo Anthony Rocha
118 3rd Ave., Maria Hernandez
126 N. 3rd Ave., David A. Robert
127 3rd Ave., Samuel & Maricala P. Reyna
130 3rd Ave., Juan M. and Cristina Palacios
131 3rd Ave., Jose L. and Maria Morales
205 3rd Ave., Isabel Guizar
206 N. 3rd Ave., Jesus and Minerva Valdez
209 3rd Ave., Jesus & Minerva Valdez
210 3rd Ave., Jesus Valdez
215 3rd Ave., Jesus & Lucia Mendoza
216 N. 3rd Ave., Robert J. Reed
220 N. 3rd Ave., Lorenzo Jr. & Anita M. Robledo
223 N. 3rd Ave., David & Isabel Rivera
229 3rd Ave., Jose Sanchez
308 N. 3rd Ave., Olga Ramos
309 3rd Ave., Leroy Curtis
318 N. 3rd Ave., James B. Adams
330 N. 3rd Ave., James B. Adams
331 N. 3rd Ave., Pedro C. & Rosa Maria Torres
xxxx 3rd Ave., Leroy Curtis
xxxx 3rd Ave., Rogelio & Beatriz Campos
xxxx 3rd Ave., Alberto S. Morales
xxxx 3rd Ave., Antonio Jr., Gutierrez
xxxx 3rd Ave., Maria Cantu
xxxx 3rd & Adams Sts., Juan M. and Petra M Estrada Nava
428 3rd Ave., George B. Allen
431 3rd Ave., Onorago & Elisa Garcia
435 3rd Ave., Vicente L. and Petra Tovar
437 3rd Ave., Angel & Maria Brito Tovar
xxxx 3rd Ave. & Wandling, Paul M. & Virginia Desmarais (2 parcels)
xxxx W. 3rd Ave., Jesus Valdez
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4th Ave.  
114 4th Ave., Amelia Cruz
123 4th Ave., Sandra Pineda
129 4th Ave., Eric A. and Melissa Vermeire
205 N. 4th Ave., Joe Ochoa
209 4th Ave., Daniel V. Sanchez
223 4th Ave., Rocio Martinez
229 N. 4th Ave., Catholic Bishop of Yakima Corp.
230 4th Ave., Jose Encarnacion Armenta
311 N. 4th Ave., Octavio & Armida Gomez
313 N. 4th Ave., Delia Bernal Garza
315 N. 4th Ave., Oscar Martinez
318 4th Ave., Pedro & Arcelia Lugo
319 4th Ave., Noe Torres Lopez
320 4th Ave., Donald E. and Roxann Powell
320 4th Ave. (different parcel!) Danny Hallman
323 N. 4th Ave., Carlos U. and Armida Mendez
329 4th Ave., Linda Lee Bales
xxxx 4th Ave., E. Side, Danny Hallman
xxxx 4th Ave., Vernon & Lorene E. Stottlemyre
xxxx 4th Ave., Daniel V. Sanchez
xxxx 4th Ave., Erasmo and Gloria Arredondo
xxxx 4th Ave. & Adams St., Gilberto & Esperanza Sanchez (3 parcels)
xxxx 4th Ave. & Monroe St., George B. Allen
xxxx N. 4th Ave., Edgar & Alysia Velasquez
xxxx 4th Ave., Delia Bernal Garza
xxxx S. 4th Ave. & Wandling Rd., Paul M. & Virginia Desmarais (2 parcels)
6(Back to top)
5th Ave.
116 5th Ave., Elvia Gimlin
119 5th Ave., Hector & Teresa Ahumada
125 5th Ave., Jose Espinoza
129 S. 5th Ave., Martin C & Carolina Espinoza
204 5th Ave., (E. Side) Juan Reyes Jr., & Maria Rodriguez
205 5th Ave., Maria Del Carmen Roman
209 5th Ave.. Glenn E. & Carol Barnett
211 S. 5th Ave., Danny Phillips
217 5th Ave., Severiano Jr. & Aurora Reyes (1st parcel)
217 5th Ave., Alicia Reyes (2nd parcel)
222 N. 5th Ave., Israel Garcia and Mary E. Marquez
232 5th Ave., Victoria Hernandez (2 parcels)
303 5th Ave., Juan & Beatriz Romero
304 N. 5th Ave., Rosa Mendoza
313 N. 5th Ave., Harold E. & Barbara R. Clark
315 5th Ave., Rodolfo & Maria N. Gracia
322 4th Ave (E. Side), Jose Orellana
327 S. 5th Ave., Maria & Elida Medrano
xxxx 5th Ave. & Monroe Elida Medrano
430 5th Ave., Ron Colgrove
459 5th Ave., Antonio Flores & Lourdes Ochoa
460 5th Ave., Maria Jesus Alcala
510 5th Ave., Armando, Sara, & Manuel Flores
xxxx 5th Ave., Hector & Teresa Ahumada
xxxx 5th Ave., Ruben A. and Antelina R. Balli
xxxx E. 5th Ave, Teresa Pineda
xxxx E. 5th Ave., Laura Vandermyn (3 percels)
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6th Ave.
101 N. 6th Ave., Celso & Idolina Alvarez
104 6th Ave., Randy & Sherry Cochran
114 6th Ave., Denise L. Lamp
119 6th Ave., Janella Gutrerrez
120 6th Ave., Natalia Palomarez
124 N. 6th Ave., Adelaida Mendoza
130 6th Ave., Glen & Debra J. Tweeten
214 6th Ave., Lisa Gonzalez
218 N. 6th Ave., Sergio & Irma Mendez (2 parcels)
228 6th Ave., Anabel Bermudez
229 6th Ave.,Claro & Socorro Calzada
232 6th Ave., Samantha C. Rios
308 N. 5th Ave., Richard E. Galland
309 S. 6th Ave., Jim Ramiro Orosco
313 N. 6th Ave., Phylis Victoria Aguilar
322 6th Ave., Marion M., Et. Ux, Hutson
329 N. 6th Ave., David & Anita Rodriguez
510 6th Ave., Uriel Zaragoza
511 6th Ave., Pedro Garcia
512 6th Ave., Maria Brambila
xxxx 6th Ave., Sabas & Gloria Cantu
xxxx 6th Ave., Anita Rodriguez
xxxx 6th Ave., Anthony & Leanne Galaviz
xxxx 6th Ave., Anita H. Oroseo
xxxx 6th Ave., Noemi Gonzalez
7th Ave.
123 N. 7th Ave., Marshall Jr. & Lorna Lea Dawson
129 N. 7th Ave., Sharon Ann Bulow
205 N. 7th Ave., Martin & Elias D. Sanchez
213 N. 7th Ave., Edith Lopez
227 7th Ave., Manuel R., Jr., Bernal
303 N. 7th Ave., Richard E. Galland
305 N. 7th Ave., Richard E. Galland
309 N. 7th Ave., Richard E. Galland
313 N. 7th Ave., Richard E. Galland
329 7th Ave., Martin T. & Maria Y. Rivera
512 7th Avje., Frederico M. & Anna L. Alcazar
xxxx 7th Ave., Jose Manuel & Zanaida Calixto
xxxx 7th Ave., Alfonso M. & Maria D. Villa
xxxx 7th Ave., Mabton School District #120
xxxx N. 7th Ave., Sandra Barajas
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8th Ave. (New Homes by Artz Fox Elementary School)
101 8th Ave., Pedro Expinoza
103 8th Ave., Jose & Martina Andrade
105 8th Ave., Jose L. & Maria Camacho
107 8th Ave., Ana Maria Mendoza
109 8th Ave., Roberto & Elida M. Morales
110 8th Ave., Asucena Montecinos
111 8th Ave., Leonardo Gonzalez
112 8th Ave., Oscar A. & Adriana Luna
113 8th Ave., Juan M. & Maria Silva
115 8th Ave., Vanessa A. Cervantes
Sevilla St. (New Homes by Artz Fox Elementary School)
802 Sevilla St., Jose Luis Barrera
804 Sevilla St., Dana Ortiz
806 Sevilla St., Maria S. Pimentel
807 Sevilla St., Araceli Gastellum
810 Sevilla St., Dora E. Cerda
812 Sevilla St., Jesus & Leonila Manzo
814 Sevilla St., Maria G. Verduzco
George St. (New Homes by Artz Fox Elementary School)
809 George St., Serafin Z. Ramirez
811 George St., Sara Pacheco
813 George St., Norma L. Fajardo
815 George St., Juan M. & Claudia Aguado
Skylstad St. (New Homes by Artz Fox Elementary School)
803 Skylstad St., Maximiano Ramirez
805 Skylstad St., Anna Gutierrez
807 Skylstad St., Jose Benitez
808 Skylstad St., Serfio & Monica De La O
809 Skylstad St., Adrian & Azucena Corona
810 Skylstad St., Salvador Hernandez
811 Skylstad St., Oswaldo C. Zamora
812 Skylstad St., Antonio & Griselda Cortes
813 Skylstad St., Maria Y. Uriostegui
814 Skylstad St., Felipe C & Estela F. Uriostegui
Vance Rd.
271 Vance Rd., Sandro Sanchez
281 Vance Rd., Moises G. & Maria Carmona
321 Vance Rd., Gustavo Martinez Sanchez
331 Vance Rd., Fermin Sanchez Gonzalez
321 Vance Rd., Rafael M. & Emma Sagrero
381 Vance Rd., Eloy & Vianey Jaramillo Reyna
421 Vance Rd., Hermelinda Juarez
451 Vance Rd., Jose M. Juarez
861 Vance Rd., Gabriel & Maria Zamora
881 Vance Rd., City of Mabton
900 Vance Rd., City of Mabton (2 parcels)
902 Vance Rd., City of Mabton
xxxx Vance Rd & Lenseigne Rds., Gary A & Corinne F. Visser
xxxx Vance Rd & Lenseigne Rds., John I Haas, Inc., (Hop Farm) (3 parcels)
xxxx Vance Rd., Gary A. and Corinne F. Visser (2 parcels)
xxxx Vance Rd., Sunnyside Irrigation District
1191 Vance Rd., Jose Graciano
1193 Vance Rd., Puterbaugh Farms
1220 Vance Rd., Gary & Corinne Visser
1331 Vance Rd., Jose E. and Maria E. Barrios
1351 Vance Rd., O.L. Shoemaker
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Ferry Rd.
21 Ferry Rd., Willard& Carolyn Harris
400 Ferry Rd., Sorensen Farms, Inc.,
601 Ferry Rd., Walter J. & M. Patricia Braten
780 Ferry Rd., Fidel C. & Carolina R. Ortega
970 Ferry Rd., Ambrosio Delgado
xxxx Ferry Rd. & Euclid Rd., Phillip M. Sealock (9 parcels)
xxxx Ferry Rd. & Euclid Rd., Gary A. & Corrine F. Visser (2 parcels)
xxxx Ferry Rd., John I Haas Inc.
xxxx Ferry Rd & N. Lenseign Rd., John I. Haas Inc., (2 parcels)
xxxx Ferry Rd.. (S of Cemetery) Washington State Dept. of Game
xxxx Ferry Rd., & Euclid Rd., Willard E. & Carolyn Harris
Washington St. (Changes to Euclid Rd. as you head east)
103 Washington St., Gustavo & Gonzaga Martinez
300 Washington St., Ruby Barajas
301 Washington St., Muguel A. & Rita D. Barajas
302 ;Washington St., Juan M. Uribe
303 Washington St., Hernina Ruiz
304 Washington St., Elias & Margarita Brito
307 Washington St., Jerry & Teresita Chavez
308 Washington St., Miguel A. & Mercedes G. Silva
309 Washington St., Nancy Sugey Macias
311 Washington St., Ismael Hermosillo
312 Washington St., W. Tadd & Nellie L. Bowlsby
405 Washington St., Antonio & Graciela Moreno
41 W. Washington St., Yakima Tribes / (E Hale) (Smoke Shop on d' Rez)
503 Washington St., Jesus & Irma Robledo
512 Washington St., Jesus & Guadalupe Barajas
513 Washington St., Carlos Soria
520 Washingon St., Oscar Alvarez
524 Washington St., Francisca Garcia Torrescano
701 Washington St., Eastside Housing Association (4 new units, N. of Old HIgh School)
708 Washington St., Mabton Housing Associates LP (12units, 894-4700
805 Washington St., Mabton School District 120
xxxx Washington St & N. Branch Ave., Powell Christensen Inc.
xxxx Washington St., Stephen & Sharon Templin
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Euclid Rd. (near Mabton) (xxx means address numbers not divulged in public records)
xxxx Euclid Rd. , Libra Partnership
5741 E. Euclid Rd., Brack LIving Trust
5871 E. Euclid Rd., Gerardo & Hortencia Barajas
5961 E. Euclid Rd., Eduardo Cervantes
6201 E. Euclid Rd. Simpson Brothers Limited Liability Partnership
xxxx Euclid Rd., Philip M. Sealock (9 parcels)
xxxx Euclid Rd., James T. and Linda Hansen
xxxx Euclid Rd., Humberto Espinoza
xxxx Euclid Rd., Mabton School District
xxxx Euclid Rd., Diocese of Yakima Housing Services
C St.
502 C St., Donicio E. Ponce
510 C St., Mercy Properties Washington LLC (Multiple units. 894-4549 or 303-830-3300
511 C St.., Francisco & Celia Diaz
515 C St., Gloria Sanchez
517 C St., Fernando & Vera Zavala
521 C St., Diana Irma Castaneda
525 C St., Jesus Calvillo
xxxx C St., & 5th Ave., Carlos Lopez-Brambila
606 C St., Don & Louise Boast Estate
609 C St., Amparo R Hernandez
626 S. C St., Don & Louise Boast Estate
xxxx C St., & Main St., Jose G. & Maria G. Alcantar
xxxx C St. & 5th St., Jose Mendez
xxxx N C St., west of 5th Ave., City of Mabton (4 parcels)
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B St. (Jogs into High School Road eastbound)
115 B St., Maria Linden
204 B St., Ubaldo Munguia (Apt. house)(see DSN news story)
208 B St., City of Mabton
308 B St., Century Link
311 B St., Maria Linden (Ixtapa Restaurant)
316 B St., Ramon Lozano (3 parcels)
317 B St., Marshall & Lorna Dawson (2 parcels) La Carniceria, La Barata
320 B St., Jose G. & Maria G. Alcantar Su Mercadido
324b B St. Hernandez Haircuts
xxxx B St., & Main St., Sandra Barajas (vacant lot)
324a B St., 4J-Group LLC (Silver Dollar Cafe) (Pedro Jasso---POB 156 Mabton)
326 B St., Saul Trujillo
400 & 410 B St., Home Security Bank (Mabton's U.S. Post Office in same building)
415 B St., City of Mabton (Mabton Memorial Library)
419 B St., Arturo De La Fuente
427 B St., Leroy Curtiss (3 parcels)
500 B St., Burlington Northern/Santa Fe Railway Co.
503 B St., Pedro & Ramona Nunez
507 B St., Felix Medelez Jr.
515 B St., Antonio Echibarria
517 1/2 B St., Stop-N-Go
521 B St.., VFW Post 10384
525 B St., Gilbert L. & Norma L. Acosta
533 B St., Victoria Hernandez
609 B St., Josephine G. Hernandez
613 B St., Josephine G.Hernandez
621 1/2 B St., Martha Alvarado
621 B St.,Martha Alvarado
xxxx B St., Maria De Leon
xxxx B St., Washington State Migrant Council (Daycare Center) (2 parcels)
xxxx B St., & Boundary Rd., Paul & Virginia Desmarais (Vacant Lot behind old Machine Shop)
xxxx B St & 3rd St., United Telephone Co. of the Northwest
xxxx B St., & East of Boundary Rd., Paul M. and Virginia Desmarais (Huge, empty Machine Shop)
xxxx B St (North Side) Jose G. & Maria Alcantar (2 parcels)
xxxx B St., (South Side) Alice W. Hancock (Vacant Lot)
xxxx B St. (South Side) Debra Erosa (Vacant Lot)
xxxx B St & Main St., Grace Brethern Church of Mabton
xxxx B St. & Main St., North, Jose G. & Maria G. Alcantar (3 parcels)
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High School Rd.
107 High School Rd, Diocese of Yakima Housing Services
380 High School Rd., William l. & Daniece Roettger
xxxx High School Rd., Mabton Historical Society, Limited Liability Corp. (Old 3-story High School)
xxxx High School Rd., Mabton School District 120 (Surrounds old School)
xxxx HIgh School Rd., Steven & Nedra Smith
xxxx High School Rd & Gulden Rd. , William Jr., & Donna L. Korstad
600 High School Rd., Raymond E. & Amber Powell
840 High School Rd., Isidro & Maria Abigall Gonzalez
841 High School Rd., Vidal P. & Abaelina M. Fraga
842 High School Rd., Feliciano Cervantes
878 High School Rd., Noe Trujillo
xxxx High School Rd., Carlos L. & Evangelina Trujillo
880 High School Rd., Maria Natividad Farias
1220 High School Rd., Jose Gamez
1320 High School Rd., Donald D. & Kaycee D. Raymond
1381 High School Rd., Abel Lara
1361 High School Rd., Donald & Bettie Baser
xxxx High School Rd., Jacob Veldhuis, 771 Hornby Rd., Grandview, WA, Windmill Estates LLC
1701 High School Rd., Mark & Fransisca Vandermeulen
1720 High School Rd., Pamela A. Baugher
1861 High School Rd., Mark & Francisca Vandermeulen
2000 High School Rd., Lance Lee Gange
2011 High School Rd., Jesus & Carmen Prado
2050 High School Rd., Marshall Jr., & Lorna Dawson
2101 High School Rd., Edward J. Houser
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Gulden Rd.
70 Gulden Rd., Dolores Gonzalez
170 N. Gulden Rd., Steven A. & Nedra Smith
230 Gulden Rd., William Jr. & Donna Korstad
231 N. Gulden Rd., Feliciano & Florida Medina
321 Gulden Rd., Lonnie & Nora Schneider
330 N. Gulden Rd., John & Sandy Birdlebough
521 Gulden Rd., Deutche Bank National Trust Co.,
741 Gulden Rd., Chris W. Wentz
xxxx Gulden Rd., Simpson Brothers Farms
xxxx Gulden Rd., Burlington Northern/Santa Fe Railway Co.
xxxx Gulden Rd & State Route 22, William Jr., & Donna L. Korstad
xxxx Gulden Rd & Stetner Rd., Linnie & Nora Schneider
xxxx Gulden Rd & Stetner Rd., City of Mabton
xxxx Gulden Rd & N. Stetner, John S. Ahlquist
xxxx Gulden Rd & High School Rd, William Jr., & Donna L. Korstad (2 parcels)
xxxx Gulden Rd. & S. Stetner Rd, Roman & Anna M. Chavez (3 parcels)
xxxx Gulden Rd., (W. of) , Mabton School District
xxxx Gulden & Stetner Rds., Alan & Paula Sorensen
Allison Rd.
170 Allison Rd., Virgil Roetger
182 Allison Rd., Porfirio v. & Dora Gutierrez
340 Allison Rd., Porfirio & Dora Gutierrez
1000 Allison Rd., Northwest Horticulture LLC, Registered Agent CT Corporation System, Agent Michelle Rowe, 505 Union Ave. SE, Ste. 120, Olympia, WA,
1451 Allison Rd., Jesus & Victoria Reyna
1511 Allison Rd., Randy R. Roehl
xxxx Allison Rd S. End, Van Boven Holding Co. (2 parcels)
xxxx Allison Rd. & Stetner Rd., Northwest Horticulture LLC, LLC, Registered Agent CT Corporation System, Agent Michelle Rowe, 505 Union Ave. SE, Ste. 120, Olympia, WA, (3 parcels)
xxxx Allison Rd & Stetner Rd, Jesus & Victoria Reyna
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Boundary Rd.
791 Boundary Rd., Golden Gate Hop Ranches, Inc. (2 Parcels)
xxxx Boundary Rd & B St. Paul M. & Virginia Desmarais
1061 Boundary Rd., Sunny Dene Ranch LLC
1675 Boundary Rd., Sunny Dene Ranch
2251 Boundary Rd., HIdden Valley Farms
2501 Boundary Rd., Sunny Dene Ranch
2771 Boundary Rd., Sidney Leyendekker
xxxx Boundary Rd./ Euclid Rd., Jeann C. Nalbach Trust
North St.
218 North St., Gregorio & Marcelina Bustos
222 North St., Gregorio & Marcelina Bustos
304 North St., Paul M. & Virginia E. Desmarais
330 North St., Michael & Janet Mayer (Blue Sky Market) (corner of Main & North)
418 North St., Carmelo Sosa
510 North St., Michael & Janet Mayer
xxxx North St., Joseph Herke
xxxx North St., Michael & Janet Mayer
xxxx North st., Susan Malm
xxxx North St., Joseph Herke
xxxx North St., Susan Malm
xxxx North St., Paul M. & Virginia Desmarais (several parcels along Boundary Rd)
xxxx North Sts. (South of) Mabton School District 120
xxxx North St / Boundary Rd. Toshi Toshiko Gardens, LLC (10-acre parcel)
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South St.
201 South St., Charlie B. & Bernice H. Ogdon (4 parcels )
228 South St., Alma Chavez (old Harkin & Larkin dance hall?)
228 South St. (vacant 2 parcels) Alma Chavez)
232 South St., Oscar & Martha Gutierrez
304 South St., Jose Espinoza In & Out Automotive
318 South St., Jose T. & Guadalupe Espinoza
330 South St., Mama J's Restaurant
414 South St., Susan Ko
420 South St., Susan Ko
426 South St., Susan Ko
428 South St., En El & Soon Duk Ko (retail food)
432 South St., R. H. & Betty Smith, C&D Market
"400" South St. & Main Jose Miguel & Pura Raquel Juarez
"500" South St. / 5th St., Valentin F. Tzib (1 parcel)
"500+" South St., Andres & Dora Rodriguez
"500+" South St., (South of) Jorge & Josephine Barajas
506 South St., Ignacio & Alejandra Gonzalez
"506 +" South St., Andres & Dora Rodriguez
"506+" South St., Valentin Tzib
524 South St., Joseph & Tonya Clark
"524+" South St., Gerardo & Maria Bazaldua
"600" South St & 6th St., Mario & Celina Martinez, POB 872. Renaissance Investment Group Inc. (2 large empty parcels)
817 South St., J & T Automotive
Fern St.
101 Fern St., Leopoldo & Maria T. Reyes
104 Fern St., Ruperto & Sylvia Aguilar
107 Fern St., Erica Ann Saenz
xxxx Foster & Camerina Hernandez
110 Fern St.., Javier & Ana Maria Cisneros
111 Fern St., Saloman & Efren Medina
115 Fern St., Rafael Fonseca
118 Fern St., Miguel Zavala
119 Fern St., William Oscar Bowen
116 Fern St., William Oscar Bowen
125 Fern St., Jose Rodriguez
129 Fern St., Nicolasa Gutierrez Hernandez Moncivaiz
202 Fern St., Olga Sanchez
xxxx Fern St., Fernando Gonzalez
205 Fern St., Ines & Omar Barcenas Alarcon
210 Fern St., Grace Sexton
211 Fern St., Monica Martinez
216 Fern St., Jose E. & Maria A. Rodriguez
217 Fern St., Jose & Maria Gonzalez
220 Fern St., Maria Ortega (2 parcels)
223 Fern St., Gregory S. Hurn
224 Fern St., Albert & Estella F. De La Paz
230 Fern St., Bacillio T & Victoriana Ruiz
305 Fern St., Antero & Dolores Antero
311 Fern St., Leonel Ruiz Herrera
319 Fern St., Salvador Ruiz
415 Fern St., Armando & Rosa Rojas
418 Fern St., Fred Jr. & Nancy S. Mears
421 Fern St., Dario A. & Rosa G. Martinez
429 Fern St., Roy G. & Elvira Lopez
430 Fern St., Maria E. Cardenas
431 Fern St., Alfonao & Rosa Lemus Hernandez
503 Fern St., Ricardo V. Torres
504 Fern St., Elizabeth Tovar (2 parcels)
509 Fern St., Herlinda C. Palomarez
510 Fern St., Maria Guizar
511 Fern St., Juan Carlos Alcantar Perez
512 Fern St., Graciela Zaragoza
518 Fern St., Maria Del Rosario Huencia
519 Fern St., Gustavo & Arias Lopez
524 Fern St., Rafael & Elpidia Sanchez
527 Fern St., Marshall Jr. & Lorna Lea Dawson
528 Fern St., Mauricio & Delia S. Cerillo
616 Fern St., Dan & Isabel Bedolla Churchill
617 Fern St., Salvador & Rubicelia Lemus (2 parcels)
710 Fern St., Maria Luz Saenz
xxxx Fern St., Mario & Celina Martinez, POB 872. Renaissance Investment Group Inc.
xxxx Fern St.. Rodolfo & Goillermina Carreon
xxxx Fern St. Dan & Isabel Bedolla Churchill
xxxx Fern St., Graciela Zaragoza
xxxx Fern St., Gustavo & Natalie Arias
xxxx Fern St., Fred Jr., & Nancy Mears
xxxx Fern St., Northwest Latin Conference
xxxx Fern St., Foster & Camerina Hernendezåç
xxxx Fern St. (E of 6th St.) Pedro M. Vargas
xxxx Fern St., (North of) Jose R. & Maria E. Gonzalez
xxxx Fern & 3rd St., Antero & Dolores Vigil
xxxx Fern & Main Sts., City of Mabton
xxxx S. Fern St., Olga A. Sanchez
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Rose St.
107 Rose St., Miguel & Maria Vargas
113 Rose St., Michael & Irma Barajas
117 Rose St., Maria E.Alvarado
121 Rose St., Urbano & Beatrice Pina
128 Rose St., Richard Cerrillo
202 Rose St., Veronica Zamora
210 Rose St., Minerva & Pedro Alvarado
211 Rose St., Carmen Wilson
216 Rose St., Usiel Carrasco
220 Rose St., Maria Cantu
228 Rose St., Ismael & Carol Zavala
302 Rose St., Salvador & Gregoria Reyna
312 Rose St., Jesus & Patricia Vargas
318 Rose St., Humberto & Brijida Navarro
408 Rose St., Guadalupe & Rosario Gomez
409 Rose St./615 Main St., Sunnyside Housing Authority (Aketha Kimbrough / Bill Eikenberry @ 837-5454, 204 S. 13th St., Sunnyside)
415 Rose St., Celso & Y. Escoto Cardenas (2 parcels)
418 Rose St., Nicanor O. & Blanca A. Macedo
418 Rose St., Latin American Northwest Conference Pentecostal Church
421 Rose St., Virginia H. Tellez
422 Rose St., Concepcion Isabel & Jesus Trujillo
429 Rose St., Elias Tamez
430 Rose St., Rosa Rojas
503 Rose St., Maria E. Cardenas
504 Rose St., Jose L. & Alicia Meza
509 Rose St., Pedro & Hilda Ramirez
529 Rose St., Jesus & Rojas Valencia
522 Rose st., David M. & Antonia S. Alvarez
525 Rose St., Lilia Gomez
528 Rose St., Salvador & Emilia Rocha
709 E. Rose St. Barbara Vega
xxxx Rose St./Main St., Fred & Nancy Mears
xxxx Rose St., United Builders of Washington Inc.
xxxx Rose St., Bonificio Alanis
xxxx Rose St., Pedro & Hilda Ramirez
xxxx Rose St. (North of) Miguel & Maria Vargas
xxxx Rose St., (North of) Latin American Northwest Conference of Pentecostal Church
xxxx Rose St., Sunnyside Housing Authority (Aketha Kimbrough / Bill Eikenberry @ 837-5454, 204 S. 13th St., Sunnyside)
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Cedar St.
202 Cedar Sts., Johnnie Lee & Naida Gusby III
203 Cedar St., Adolfo S. & Bertha A. Sanchez
204 Cedar St., Candelario & Rosa Alvarado
211 Cedar St., Guadalupe & Rosario Gomez
215 Cedar St., Jose S. & Maria G. Quesada
220 Cedar St., Antonio A. & Sophia Sotelo (2 parcels)
221 Cedar St., Rodolfo C. & Angelica Cisneros
228 Cedar St., Antonio Ramos & Maxima Yepez
304 Cedar St., Gonzalez & Gonzalez (Inc.?)( No first names)
305-307 Cedar St., Sunnyside Housing Authority (Aketha Kimbrough / Bill Eikenberry @ 837-5454)
313 Cedar St., Sunnyside Housing Authority (Aketha Kimbrough / Bill Eikenberry @ 837-5454)
314 Cedar St., Pauline M. Gimlin Trust
317 Cedar St., Augustine & Eva M. Martinez
318 Cedar St., Francisco C. & Patricia L. Martinez
322 Cedar St., Rogelio & Ruby Ruiz
414 E. Cedar St., Dario A. & Rosa G. Martinez
415 Cedar St., Ofimio & Maria Sanchez
422 Cedar St., Alfredo & Alicia Mendoza
425 Cedar St., Mario & Celina Martinez, POB 872. Renaissance Investment Group Inc.
429 Cedar St., Jose & Lorenza Sanchez
430 Cedar St., Alfredo & Alicia Mendoza
501 Cedar St., Homero & Guadalupe Solis
504 Cedar St., Concepcion Barocio
509 Cedar St., Jose Quesada
510 Cedar St., Ricardo & Rachel Sanchez
514 Cedar St., Jose R. & Virginia Martinez
522 Cedar St., Camerrino Gutierrez
524 Cedar St., Maria Teresa J. Mendoza
531 Cedar St., Francisco J. & Socorro Garcia
xxxx Cedar St., Gustavo Carrasco
xxxx Cedar St., Fidela Carransa Negrete
xxxx Cedar St., Grancisco & Maria Garcia
xxxx Cedar St., Adolfo s. & Bartha A. Sanchez
xxxx Cedar St., Rodolfo C. & Angelica Cisneros
xxxx Cedar St., Eugeania Molina (2 parcels)
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Pine St.
110 Pine St.., Oscar & Martha Gutierrez
129 Pine St.., Alvin & Dianne K. Artz
209 Pine St., Genoeva Vargas
210 Pine St.., Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co.
214 Pine St., Jorge Luis S. & Lorenza Arroyo
215 Pine St.., Antonio & Graciela Moreno
220 Pine St., Isaac R. & Teressa N. Garcia
221 Pine St., Joaquin, Josefina & Martin Espinoza
228 Pine St., Jose Lemus
230 Pine St., Leopoldo R. & MariaG. Reyes
301 Pine St., Fidelia J. Cervantes
302 Pine St., Salvador & Analila Moreno Villa
306 Pine St., Linda K.Dawson
307 Pine St., Yolanda & Richard P. Pena
310 Pine St., Geronimo & Guillermina Galarzaj
313 Pine St., Angel & Anna Lopez
319 Pine St., Catalina Alvareaz
320 Pine St., Bartolo & Gullermine Chavez
324 Pine St., Anna Maria A. Rangel
328 Pine St., Anna Maria A. Rangel (2 parcels)
329 Pine St., Ulin D. Pierce
401 Pine St., Gilberto & Esperanza Sanchez
410 Pine St., Teodoro Reyna
414 Pine St., Diamantina G. Castaneda
418 Pine St., Jesus G. Marquez
423 Pine St., David R & Tia K. Salinas
430 Pine St., Jose G. & Blanca A. Rodriguez
512 Pine St., Maria Reyna
615 Pine St., Eusevia Cerrillo
520-522 Pine St., Sunnyside Housing Authority (Aketha Kimbrough / Bill Eikenberry @ 837-5454, 204 S. 13th St., Sunnyside)
530 Pine St., Earla Ann Williams (2 parcels)
728 Pine St., Roberto & Maricela Diaz
731 Pine St., Jose & Maria Rodriguez
808 PineSt., Marcos A. & Anabel De La Torre
93 Pine St., Bartolo Chavez
xxxx Pine St., Jose M. & Rosa E. Rios
xxxx Pine St., David & Melsa Sanchez
xxxx Pine St., Gerado Ramos
xxxx Pine St / Main St., Elva Brambila
xxxx Pine St ./ 2nd St., LorenaTapia
xxxx Pine St. (North of) Maria I. Quesada
xxxx Pine St. (South of) Roberto & Maricela Diaz
xxxx Pinr St.. (South of), Josue Trejo
xxxx Pine St. (South of) Sarah Trejo
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Maple St.
201 Maple St., Manuel & Maria O. Ramirez Tellez
207 Maple St., Maria I Quintero Rivera
211 Maple St., Jose Jesus & Maria G. Avila
217 Maple St., Ismael P. & Maria C. Rivera
220 Maple St., Arnoldo L. & Elvia T. Gutierrez
221 Maple St., Mark Gourneau
231 Maple St., Huberto Penaloza
301 Maple St., William & Janet Buragard
307 Maple St., Laurel Garcia
309 MapleSt., Jose Juan & Rachel Ruelas
310 Maple St., Lorenzo Vasquez
317 Maple St., Micaela Montoya
328 Maple St., Daniel A. & Rebecca Martinez
405 Maple St., Elsa Amezcua
409 Maple St., Alfonso Gomez Jr.
413 Maple St., Sunnyside Housing Authority (Aketha Kimbrough / Bill Eikenberry @ 837-5454, 204 S. 13th St., Sunnyside)
431 Maple St., Armando & Rosa Rojas (4 parcels / home on 2/3 acre)
531 Maple St., Noe Gonzalez
xxxx Maple St., Holanda Carranza (vacant lot)
xxxx Maple St., Nilda Villalon (vacant lot)
xxxx Maple St. / 3rd St., Mateo Vergara
xxxx Maple St. / Mabbick, Golden Gate Hop Ranches, Inc. (2 parcels)
xxxx Maple St., Marquez Family Limited Liability Corporation (2/3-acre vacant parcel)
xxxx Maple St. / 3rd St., Jose & Maria Flores
xxxx Maple St . / 6th St., Marquez Family Limited Liability Corporation (home on 1/3 acre)
xxxx Maple St., Marquez Family Limited Liability Corporation (6 parcels)
xxxx Maple St. / 5th St., Noe Gonzalez
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