The real Mexico: invading America
Mexico has a powerful military. These aren't farmworkers flying these aircraft, and they aren't made of adobe. Below, a tank crew. Mexico keeps a tight lip regarding its military capabilities, but they are known to befit a nation of its size and population.
This modern ship is one of many in the Mexican fleet, based at Naval headquarters in Manzanillo, in the Mexican state of Colima. Present Mexican Navy commander is Admiral Mariano F.S. Mendoza.

This is Mexico's Capital Building, located in the Federal District in Mexico City. (Inset: Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.) This is where Mexican leaders make decisions that affect Mexico---and the U.S. Mexico urges its citizens illegally to invade the U.S., but quickly arrests and deports those who sneak illegally into its own borders. What do you think Mexican authorities would do if gringos did something like this in Mexico? Or this? Of if U.S. Communists did this? The federales would pistol-whip their empty heads and send 'em to prison. We don't. Instead, we develop Democrat inspired tax-paid-freebie programs to placate their whims, so we won't be called "racist"! Screw that! Mexico has one of the largest world economies, with a population of 113 million and an annual Gross Domestic Product in the trillions! Let Mexico take care of its own citizens! And take back La Raza agitators infesting the U.S.!

China general reviews Mexican troops

2010 Mex Pres. felipe Calderon invites China military leader to join forces...Against whom?

MEXICO CITY (9-1-10)--- Liang Guanglie, China's top defense honcho (photo at right), reviews an honor guard at the Mexican Defense Ministry.

Liang was in Mexico on an official good-will visit. He was invited by Mexican National Defense Secretary Guillermo Galvan Galvan. Mexico and China are mulling an agreement to share military operational capability (Hitler tried this in the 1930s).

The stereotype of Mexico's poverty and weakness is not only stupid, it's dangerous. Here's what American lefties sniff and call "people of color". There's 'way more of them than of us!

The American people need to inform themselves despite our agenda driven leaders and big media info gatekeepers.


On June 27, 2014, Mexican military personnel fired from this chopper on U.S. Border Patrolmen who were in clearly marked vehicles near San Miguel, Pima County, Ariz. The outrage is just one of the 300 documented Mexican military incursions into this region, during which Mexican nationals have drawn their weapons on U.S. Border Patrolmen. The chopper incident reportedly is the first time U.S. personnel have actuallly taken Mexican fire on American soil. Meanwhile, Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik (inset) is an anti-Tea Party Democrat, who vociferously denounces Arizona's anti-illegal immigrant bill SB 1070. It begs the question: Who's supporting Dupnik? See videos.

Above: A Mexican warship threatens an American fisherman who has wandered into Mexico's territorial waters. We should return the favor, deporting all the Mexican nationals who have "wandered" into the U.S. Starting today! Right: Durango, Mexico's Balaurte Bridge is part of a $2.2-Billion, 140-mile long highway project. Why can't Mexican agitators in the U.S. work in places like these instead of trying to head north and "take over" America's southwest?

Leftists in the U.S. call them "poverty stricken, powerless people of color." And ignorant American voters fall for it every time. That's why Commies continue to say it. It's the reason Republicans are afraid to go up against a black Obama and his unconstitutional policies. Establishment Republicans' nuts are in a vice of their own making. RINOs need to support their conservative base, view people as unique individuals and stop pandering to special interest identity groups. Vote Tea Party!

Above is a loyal Mexican Marine, ready for battle. Why can't Mexican Commie agitators in the U.S. stay at home and join this man who is defending his own country? Are Mexican Commie agitators too gutless? Too lazy? Too stupid? Too hooked on social service goodies in the U.S.? Agitating Mechistas should all be keel-hauled (look it up)

Shipbuilding is going great guns in Veracruz, Veracruz, Mexico. Why don't Mexican Commie agitators join their countrymen and build ships in their own country? Are they too stupid? Instead of honestly working at home, they choose to sneak into the U.S., organize into tax-sucking groups, and threaten to take over America's southwestern states.

There's better money working on highway projects like this one in Durango than farm work in the U.S. It's even better than working as a fat and sleepy staffer for a federally funded "poverty program" in the U.S.! And look at the results!
"Border assault contrived by Obama"
How'd all those kids get 'way across Mexico to Texas?
SAN ANTONIO, TX (6-13-2014)---No one is asking how 90,000 Latino children, "UACs", (Unaccompanied by Adults) got from Guatamala, El Salvador, and Honduras through hundreds of miles of Mexico to the Texas border.
We know Mexico comes down hard on illegal immigrants who enter therin.
So how did the kids arrive at our border undisturbed by Mexican authorities, and in apparent good health? And why is the press barred from asking? Or interviewing the kids? Or taking photos?
The kids MUST have had transport help via an arrangement between the Obama and Nieto regimes.
The U.S. bureaucracy (HHS) has scooped the kids up and dropped them into U.S. bus stations and military bases. Now Obama is saying "our (Democrats') future depends on" these same kids--not American kids, but thousands of Latino kids who mysteriously appeared here. Really? Why?
 Pemex Oil is huge, and it contributes billions to Mexico's trillion-dollar economy. Why can't Mexican agitators in the U.S. go back and get honest work in their own country? Or will they always remain left-wing thugs in ours?
 Mexicans build cars just as they do in the U.S. Why can't agitating Mexican Communists get honest work in their own country? Because it's easier to write program grants for U.S. federal funds to pay for cushy jobs in the race-and-poverty industry.
Mexico's Consulate in Seattle, WA, is located at 2132 3rd Ave.. Their phone is (206) 448-3526. Their email address is here. Their website is here. Their Consul is Lilian Vasquez Cardova (inset). Ask her what happens if someone illegally enters her country. You'll find Mexicans won't cut us gringos the same slack the U.S. cuts for Mexicans who illegally enter and demonstrate in the U.S. This Seattle "Consulado De Mexico" IS Mexican turf, and it reflects the policies of Mexico City. This is a good site upon which to demonstrate against Mexico and Mexican policies. Bring your placards and bull horns. And friends. And cameras. The Seattle press won't cover it, but we'd be glad to do so.
This is the stereotype image of Mexican "'po' folks" that Democrat/Communist demogogues want to portray to the press. Meanwhile, they denounce America for being "racist". They demand tax-funded "programs" to "help" farmworkers. Yet fully 90 percent of "poverty program" money goes to *Democrat-supporting administrative staff who then agitate for more and more tax money. The folks above choose to do what they 're doing. There are other non-drug-cartel opportunities in Mexico's trillion-dollar economy--if farm workers want to take advantage of them.
* "Poverty" staff aren't supposed to support political candidates, but it's easy to provide this support under the table. And if such candidates win a Congressional seat, they in turn vote to fund, with tax money---you guessed it---more poverty programs! Always follow the money--Democrats don't give a damn about farmworkers. Take the money out of their operations---and watch them scatter!
Kids are dropped off at Nogales, NM.They are a few of 90,000. Whew! That's a long way from Central America to Texas...and the Obama regime says "UAC" kids walked all the way through hostile territory! Really?

A political map of Mexico. Most Yakima Valley residents say they're from Michoacan. Each state hosts its own capital and governor. State capital info here.