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McClatchy Chain
They don't control what you think. They control what you think about.
Jim McClatchy owns 3 WA dailies
James B. McClatchy owns three WA dailies, including the Ellensburg Daily Record, Tacoma Tribune and Tri-City Herald.
The Ellensburg Daily Record is is published by employee Bill Kunerth at 401 N. Main St., Ellensburg, WA, 98926-3107 and (509) 925-1414.
The Tri-City Herald is published by employee Ian Lamont at 107 N Cascade St., Kennewick, WA 99336-3851 and (509) 582-1500.
All phones area code 509
News story inquiries 582-1515 or (800)-411-5085
Arts & Entertainment 582-1514
Business (Melissa O'Neil) 582-1531
News Tips 582-1481 or (800) 411-5085
Letters to editor (Katie Shorb) 582-1519
Desert Living (Loretta Hulse) 582-1513
Sports (Jeff Morrow) 582-1507 or (800) 411-4971
Prosser bureau 786-7133
Hermiston, OR bureau (541) 567-4459 or (541)567-7539
Othello, WA, bureau 488-0657
Editorial Page Kate Riley 582-1591
Long Distance (800)874-0445
Newsroom 582-1510
Hermiston, OR bureau (541) 567-4499
Prosser WA bureau 786-7133
Othello, WA bureau 488-0657
Sports 582-1410
Note that the gals hold the top intellectual/political jobs. Are we sexist here? Or are Tri-City males all eunuchs? Stay tuned.
The Tacoma News Tribune is published by employee Betsy Brenner at 1950 S State St. Tacoma, WA 98405-2817 and 253-597-8742 / 8511
McClatchy himself runs the Sacamento Bee, 200 Q St., Sacramento CA, 95816-6816. His phone is (916) 321-1000. Jim banks with the Bank of America National Trust & Savings Assn., San Francisco.
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