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HEY! Any black folks up for Maria Cantwell's job?

SUNNYSIDE (6-21-12)--Where is Washington State's Alan West? Its Thomas Sowell? Its Clarence Thomas? Its Rev. Jesse Peterson?

Our state needs to show black racists and black communists that they don't own Washington State's black folks.
They need to show the rest of us there are good black conservatives in our state with the guts and brains to run for the U.S. Senate in November! Against party girl Maria Cantwell.
Washington State Conservative Black Senator, where are you?

Muzzle comes off the 800-pound IRS gorilla

Democrats control Congress;
Valley businesses need to cover their rumps

SUNNYSIDE (2-03-07)--Small businessmen in the Valley will need to cover their rumps now that the Democrats again control Congress.

IRS Commissioner Mark Everson, who obviously dunks his own snout into the public trough, told reporters that small businesses "tend to cut corners on their taxes."
The sinister IRS czar was following the lead of the newly constituted IRS Oversight Board, a group of private sector advisors to the IRS. The Board was set up in 1997 to slap a muzzle on the 800-pound IRS gorilla.
Everson told reporters "We have restored the credibility of our enforcement programs which were badly diminished and to some degree gutted" in the 1990s. The "gutting" to which Everson refers was HR 2676, the Internal Revenue Service Restructuring and Reform Act of 1997. The ACT derived from the Republican Congress after the "Republican Revolution" of 1994.
In other words, Everson is salivating on his shirt these days because things will become the same as they were before the 1997 Act. The muzzle is coming off King Kong, thanks to support from the new Democrat Congress. Small Valley businesses will need to watch their backsides.
Small businesses make up the backbone of the U.S. economy, providing three-fourths of new jobs while generating new wealth. Government generates no wealth at all; in fact it does the opposite. Government wants for itself the wealth small businesses generate.
IRS goons from Yakima and elsewhere are expected to step up clandestine scrutiny of small Valley busineses, then follow up with threats and intimidation. Federal tax goons will place liens on property and bank accounts. Armed agents will evict Valley homeowners, take their property, sell it, and send the cash back to Washington, D.C.
Government--the beloved of Democrats--is most suspicious of small businesses because entrepreneurs don't work for the feds, a state, a county, a city, a school, a union, a corporation, or other outfits that withhold money from earnings. Entrepreneurs don't have the serf mentality.
In addition, small businesses can least afford to fight tax-paid IRS lawyers in federal tax courts. So they're easy marks.
The Associated Press says "Democrats now in control of Congress have emphasized that closing the gap (between what they want in taxes and what small business are paying) is central to their goals of increasing dollars for their priorities while reducing the federal deficit."
Democrat priorities include, but aren't limited to charging U.S. citizens for the care and feeding of millions of illegal aliens pouring over the southern border with Mexico.
The government count is 12 million illegals; some say it's closer to 20 million and growing by a half million each year. Thousands wind up in Washington State, mostly in Yakima and Franklin Counties. In return, citizens find it harder to get jobs, and suffer from increased crime in American streets.
Crime creeps up Harrison Hill

SUNNYSIDE (12-23-06)--Some highlanders note that crime is creeping up Harrison Hill from the flat lands. They've organized the I-Watch Committee to fight criminals. Their I-Watch website is here.