Obama thugs: trying to foment civil war?

Barak Hussein Obama enjoys a taco and the company of a top MeChA *cabron in the Southwest. Mechistas love the community-organizer-in-chief. Obama is fully aware these MeChA bastards intend to "take over" Southwest U.S. states and rename the turf "Aztlan". Brown-skin racists intend to do so via a steady invasion of multitudes from Mexico and Central and South America. If a U.S. president condones and facilitates an invasion of the country he leads, he should be charged with treason. That's just common sense. Vote Tea Party!

* asshole, more or less, in Spanish


Barak Hussein Obama is going to "legalize" 12 million Mexican nationals with his pen and phone--Congress be damned. Taco Chomper promised La Raza ("the race") that he would do so. The bald headed chicken humpers above believe the Latino race is the only one that matters, and is superior to other races. They want to take over the southwest United States, ethnically cleansing it, killing whites if whites refuse to leave. Nazis under Hitler thought they were racially superior, too. Hitler wound up committing suicide as big bombs exploded around his pathetic bunker. Just sayin'. History does repeat. It can happen here. Your pistols and shotguns don't mean caca, enimigos. (Click on photo for more nitty-gritty info)

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These kids get off their bus in Nogales, NM. They hail from Central America. Their food, travel, and placement in American towns is paid for courtesy of the Democrat party (using taxpayer money), and Mexican and Central American politicians. Obama & Co. need the kids for 'victim' voters, and Latino pols need to export their poverty to the United States. No establishment-American leader today gives a damn about American citizens. Obama is unfit to lead any country, and certainly not the great United States of America.

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"We're, like, the super race, man. See, you are, like, pinche cabrones blancos, man. And we, like, know we're, like, better than you white chingaderos. LIke, we'll cap you if you don't split from Aztlan, man. It's OUR turf, man. Don't like, bein' forgeteen' it. Like we been here 40,000 years and no European gabachos gonna, like, deport us. Hijo La Chingada!"

It is obvious La Raza has evolved 40,000 year's worth. Yep.

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Citizens of Murrieta, CA, don't want Obama and Co. to dump hundreds of Latino teens---alien nationals-- into their city. So Obama & Co. employ black-suited, jack-booted assholes (see pix right) to harrass the townfolk. This scene is being played out in towns all across the United States! Vote Tea Party!

When pesky citizens get in the way of Democrat / Bureaucrat policy moves, Democrats employ their armed, jackbooted federal thugs to attack them. Democrats did it at Ruby Ridge (shot and killed a mother holding her infant baby), and they did it at Waco (burning alive 89 American women and children). Democrat policies haven't changed since those 1993 federal atrocities. Above, they tromp into Murrieta, CA. Each one of these Darth-Vader-lookin' bastards should be de-uniformed and horse-whipped in public. They are truly useful idiots. Vote Tea Party!

Some of these train-roof-ridin' folks will show up in Yakima County---believe it. They'll meld into the local latino population and ultimately vote Democrat. It's a decades old story in Yakima Valley towns. Not one of them will be deposited in The Hamptons, at Martha's Vineyard, Bill Gates' lawn, or in any other limosine liberal backyard. VoteTea Party!

ABOVE: MeChA students meet at Seattle's University of Washington. The MeChA motto is "For those with brown skin, everything; for all others, nothing." UW teens above are "Mechistas" who intend to carve "Aztlan" out of U.S. territory. Every University and high school in Washington State and the U.S. hosts a MeChA program! Taxpayers and university alumni associations are just too damned dumb to defund these white-hating, race-baiting, Communist institutions. Taxpayers and university alumni should contact their alma mater and local high school director boards to demand that the MeChA infestation be wiped out. Vote Tea Party!

NOTE: Some of these persons (photo left) are gang members. All will be of voting age in a few short years. All will receive free social program goodies and education at U.S. taxpayer expense. In leftist U.S. schools, they will become hate-America, hate-white Mechistas. The irony is, their own countries--run by those of their own race--are so corrupt and dangerous they have to flee for their lives. Or at least that's what they say when they sign up for U.S. social program goodies. Vote Tea Party!

Obama & Co. won't close the U.S.-Mexico border---moved Border Patrol 45 miles inland

Mexico/U.S. map shows where Obama & Co. are committing treason

Local Democrat politicians implement the national Democrat agenda. Above, Yakima County Auditor Corky Mattingly (inset) prints voter documents in Spanish so these border crossing Democrats (illegal aliens) can vote more easily. For Democrats. Vote Tea Party!

National and local Democrats are implementing an invasion of the U.S. from Mexico. Our border state governers must receive the active support they need to defeat the national Democrat agenda. Vote Tea Party!