Roger Erickson
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Sunset Law could clean up 100 years of progressive federal tyranny in America

YAKIMA, WA (4-25-10)--The new "Health Care Bill" seems intelligently thought out, since the OBJECT of all governments has always been tyranny.

My definition of "Total Tyranny" is when all human behavior is either prohibited, required, or permitted (i.e. licensed).

Thus any Constitution in history has gradually been made irrelevant.
The future of Health Care Reform is now easy to see, with practical economics. Insurance companies will have to raise rates, or go under, abrogating previous contracts for care.

If they go under (due to "mismanagement") government will take over. If they raise rates, they are "greedy rapacious beneficiaries" of (now) government-required private payment.

Remember the mantra of all Congresses told by Joe Sobran: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. If it stops moving, subsidize it.

Now, there's a new one: If it is essential to life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness,(like money, health, water, food, etc.) nationalize it. (in order to: "strengthen the Union, increase the money supply, teach the children, save the latest victims", blah blah blah.)

So Federal politicians will now soon blame insurance companies for 'price gouging', or some new synonym.

The insurance industry will be said to have 'failed' to plan, to organize to everything, and a new government 'fix it' solution will be like all the others in the last century: "Private solutions have failed, look at all these poor people who need help, you are heartless if you don't agree, it is an EMERGENCY."

So... total takeover of health, food, water, and everything essential to life will be conscripted into Federal authority, defying the "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness" intent of the Constitution they have all sworn to uphold, justified by successions of 'emergencies' that have paraded endlessly in front of us to render worthless our constitutional sovereignty guarantees, and funnel all payment for essential services to the federal government, so we are all in debt to it forever, from birth to death, generation after generation.
The only thing I can see which will reverse this trend peacefully, is a 'SUNSET LAW' compulsory on ALL CONGESSES. (Not on the people, through their industry and equities and pursuits, as is now almost always the case.)
Our 'checks and balances' have been mostly made illegal (legal tender, contract protection, popular instead of state-elected Senate, appointed Supreme Court interpretations, "Commerce Clause', Jury nullification etc.)

I can't remember the last time any law was passed to protect liberty and property instead of take it.

All congresses (including state legislatures, county commissions, city councils), starting with the Federal Congress and Senate, must be REQUIRED to review ALL laws passed and IN EFFECT, starting with most recent, to discover whether that law has performed its STATED (to the public) intent.
If the law has not performed as stated, OR if a referendum or initiative of the people demands it, then that law must be TOTALLY ABOLISHED, not just 'fixed', or its budget increased, or new layers of bureaucracy created or the law amended with 'temporary' taxes, fines, penalties to 'fix' it, as has been the case for over a century.
SUNSET will end the "Omnibus" legislative process. Omnibus laws would be be ENTIRELY abolished if even one part is so unpopular or ineffective as to bring about the opposite of overall intent.
The abolished law would then be as if it had never existed. Agencies resulting or expanded by that law would also be abolished or excised, and ALL taxpayer funding of that agency stopped. Agencies would peacefully be snuffed out, one at a time.

And to 'get an abolished law back' in a new form, would now require starting the legislative process all over again; all the votes of both houses of Congress, AND all the input of (now) informed citizens who elected the representatives who helped pass the failed law in the first place.

We can see clearly now the disastrous results of continuous war, continuous 'crises' justifying them, and loss of liberty to the point of certain economic destruction. Is there any other peaceful option other than to gradually abolish laws which have gradually destroyed our American Dream?