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Sunnyside, East Washington, USA

Just pay for it and shut the eff up!
Ricardo Sanchez: Give freebies to out-of-state (illegal alien) students in Washington State
SUNNYSIDE (12-12-11)--Can you believe that puke Ricardo Sanchez?
  He had the huevos to speak before Sunnyside High School and demand that American taxpayers give free tuition and other perks to (only) Mexican students.
This old raghead leftie---former public relations hack for Judith Billings, ex-Supt.of Public Instruction---demanded that pipefitters, small businesses, waitresses and other working folks dish out the cash via taxes to Mexican students.
  Sanchez has been involved in much lefty hijinx in our fair state--check out this 1998 story.
 Eff you, Rico, and the damndable coyote that hauled you in here.
AZTLAN? How about a slap upside the head? Maybe we should finish what we left undone in 1848! We'll take this puppy all the way to Guatemala. Think about it.

MECHA cats and kittens get together at the University of Washington. (Inset: Our kind of guy!)
Got to be bilingual, by golly
Sunnyside Schools: Love MeChA? Oh you betcha!
SUNNYSIDE--Hey, old timer.  Do you know what MEChA is?  Since you're paying for it, your curiosity might be tweaked.

MEChA  stands for an organization of Mexican-speaking high school and college students operating from coast to coast.

You can find out all about the group and its mission by clickin' here. Those who recruit MEChA members are usually school or college employees.  Sunnyside High School's Maribel Madrigal, Migrant Graduation Specialist, heads up MEChA ops in our district. Call her at 837-5851. Or Granger at 854-1115.

Bring back the paddle! Now! Swat Dems and RINOs!
The newest thang in *Screwel: "Refocus" Forms! ...Da-Dum!
SUNNYSIDE (1-23-11)--The inmates are in charge of the school asylum today. Discipline is out the window for momma and daddy's precious little kiddos.

Did we mention many kiddos also are arrogant, spoiled, self-centered, selfish, unkind, hateful, thoughtless, very shrewed, and bullies if they're strong enough? Let that sink in.

Most kids view school as jail. That's for starters. Let that sink in, too. The nanny state dictates parents damned sure better stuff 'em in a school building, or there will be legal hell to pay.

Kids grudgingly tolerate studies, but get their greatest pleasure doodling with friends, playing with their electronic whatnots, gobbling chips and sodas, and skipping class to go to the gym. Being with their friends in the classroom and in the hallways is of primary importance. So are the chips, sodas and music. Right on, baby. F--- studies.

Fun, games and food often conflict with research, writing, math, science, history and such. So some sort of disciplinary structure must be in place to retain some semblance of order in the classroom.

That's the rub.

In some states, corporal punishment still is used. SWATS once were on the disiplinary menu in weenie-liberal Washington. That discipline system was simple and effective. Teachers would tell a kid ONCE to settle down, stay at his desk and do his work. If the kid disobeyed again, the teacher would send the kid to the office. The principal applied a paddle to the kid's butt, and called the kid's parents. This went on right up through senior year. It offered a lovely disincentive for a kid to mess around in class.

Today, of course, it's different. Really different.

In some districts, the kid is given a "Refocus Form". The kid struts over to ANOTHER classroom, disrupting THAT class, and fills out the Refocus. Form questions are designed to get to the bottom of what the kid wants--teacher and school be damned.

The kid, usually with a big grin on his face, saunters back with the completed form to the originating teacher's classroom after a mini vacation outside that classroom. The kid sits down, and often repeats similar offenses within minutes. Principal, paddle, ass-chewing and parent calling are neatly sidestepped.

Meanwhile, young creeps (both sexes) are tolerated by administrators who don't want to deal with them. If they're expelled, $6,500 of state funding dollars goes out the door with them. Can't have THAT.

Kids know this system intimately. They have contempt for it. They ridicule it. They "game" this system. Teachers have no power in this system, yet are charged with "classroom management".

If teachers get too creative with discipline, they can get in trouble over events caused by the "wonderful children of America who need education for their future and and that of their country. Makes one want to stand up, hand over heart, recite the pledge of allegiance, and sing the Star Spangled Banner just listening to the blizzard of snakeoil propaganda promulgated by the entire educational system.

The result of all this is an annual crop of many children who can barely read, who can't do math, who aren't prepared to work to support themselves, and who often remain arrogant, spoiled, self-centered, selfish, unkind, hateful, and thoughtless the remainder of their questionable lives.

Oh, yeah. And you pay for it all, you silly old-timer, you. Wake the f--- up! Your Democrat legislator controls all this stuff. Yell at 'im. (Conservative Republicans? They're good men but'way too few in our commie legislature).


* Screwel = School. Thanks, Rush.