Washington State
Pesky citizens want change

Feds, state tie up $150 trillion in resources

Matt Shea
 SPOKANE VALLEY, WA (6-27-14)---State Rep. Mat Shea (R-Spokane Valley) is heading up a western-states movement to transfer federally held lands to the states.
He's working with the American Lands Council to make sure the transfers happen.
The ALC's website contains fact-based videos which explain that the federal government must , by law, transfer federally held land to the states. The feds have long ago pushed the issue under the rug, because the more land the feds control, the greater is federal power over the people. The power is exercised through many departments making up an enormously expensive and increasingly agressive federal bureaucracy.
State Democrats and other miscreants are doing their best to stifle Shea's efforts.
Here in Washington, Shea and the ALC are battling the Nature Conservancy, which is in bed with---and augments the power of--- Democrats to make sure the transfers don't take place.
 Many say the purpose of this NC/Democrat cabal is twofold---to deny wealth to the middle class, making them more dependent on government for handouts, while driving free men into the cities where they may be more easily controlled.
Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee---who takes his marching orders from Obama and Co. thugs---is in on the anti-transfer caper up to his eyebrows.
Inslee recently vetoed a Shea bill that would have set Washington State on a course to demand the federal government transfer lands to Washington state and thence to its people. To get involved, check into the ALC website.

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Vote Tea Party!

Gun registration!

Bloomberg, WA lib voters behind success of WA initiative 594

NY Money man MIchael Bloomberg
Brave Washingtonians have routed I-594's attempted unconstitutional infringement of the right to keep and bear arms. A deep rumbling is taking place in Washington State. Stay tuned! Read more.

WA teachers whack WEA/NEA
(Ending Democrat money source)

Doc's vote favored "omnibus" budget

SUNNYSIDE, WA, (12-13-14)---Outgoing 4th Dist. Rep. Doc Hastings has voted in favor of the enormous, Democrat-concocted, $1.1-Trillion Omnibus budget. The vote denies Republican input for the next fiscal year--even though the people voted Democrats out of office. Doc was "urged" by House Speaker John Boehner to vote as he did.

Few reps even read the 1600-page outrage before voting. The budget contains pork spending, perks for certain banks and corporations, dollars for Obama's executive-order amnesty, and Obama Care. (Where's Clint Diddier when we need him?)



U.S. Rep.Dan Newhouse (R) stands with an unnamed, decorated veteran in Washington, D.C.

U.S. Rep Dan Newhouse leads bipartisan group; slaps Seattle VA for lousy service to vets

SEATTLE, WA (6-18-15)---Army veteran Don Siefken, Kennewick, broke his foot and it swelled to the size of a football. He was in excruciating pain just 10 feet from tne entrance of a Seattle VA Hospital emergency room.

Siefken simply couldn't walk any farther, so he called VA staff inside the federal facility to come help him.

A letter from U.S. Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-WA 4th Dist.) said "What he received was an instruction to call 911 and a warning that he would have to pay for the cost of any emergency services, followed by a dial tone---the VA hospital employee had hung up on him".

"Mr. Siefken was a mere ten feet from the entrance of the emergency room. Frustrated to the point of tears, the 64-year old Army veteran called 911. Seven minutes later, a Seattle fire captain and three firefighters arrived to help him into the emergency room to be treated."

"The Puget Sound VA Health Care System's initial position was that hospital staff acted appropriately and in accordance with hospital policy in denying Siefken assistance."

After the wrath of 25 Republicans and eight Democrats in the U.S.House of Representatives descended upon them, Seattle VA feds simply changed their tune.

Said Newhouse and Co., "They have since altered their position,indicating the hospital staff did not behave appropriately when they failed to ensure Mr. Siefken was assisted into the emergency room."

No kidding. Anyone who has ever worked in a hospital would know a dedicated staffer could have dashed out with a wheelchair and rolled the veteran inside for treatment. Two minutes tops. Obviously, there was no need for Seattle Fireguys, from downtown with a truck and four men in full regalia, to do a simple two minute job.

The YVN has long called for a veteran voucher system that would have allowed Mr. Siefken to be treated in a friendly Kennewick facility of his choice.

Staff at the Puget Sound VA Health Care System stiffed Veteran Don Siefken when he asked them for help to get inside this VA emergency room. Rep. Dan Newhouse led a coalition that ended VA recalcitrance---in a hurry.


Don't spend your tax return too soon, li'l Democrat sheep

SEATTLE, WA (2-16-15)---A New York Times article noted yesterday that Obamacare "customers" are finding their healthcare costs have spiked while the care itself has tanked.

Now, the Obamacare signup deadline has come and gone. If "sheeple" haven't signed up, the IRS will shear their tax returns by $325 or two percent of their income, whichever is greater.

A key figure in sheparding the universally hated Obamacare through the congressional snakepit was shameless Seattle Democrat Jim McDermott.

U.S. Rep. Jim "Winky" McDermott

Two months payment reprieve!

SEATTLE, WA (2-17-15)---Wow---it's a good thing for Democrat pols we don't have any elections soon.

An Associated Press report says thousands of Washingtonians "didn't realize how big the tax penalty would be if they didn't (buy Obamacare) health insurance."

The deadline to buy was Feb. 15. Now it's April 17---two days after this year's tax deadline. Democrats scrambled to give folks the reprieve. Signups for Obamacare have been 'way fewer than Dems expected.

If folks ignore the federally forced buy, they'll be penalized $325 or 2 percent of their income, whichever is greater. If they have kids, the price will be another $162.50 for each.

The actual insurance price, for now, is greater than the penalty. The Obamacare squeeze is ON. Get those wallets out, folks, and forget about that new washer and dryer. Or any other damned thing you need.



OBAMACARE TROLL Winky McDermott made a few hasty phone calls to pull his rump out of the political fire. Washingtonians now have another two months to buy Obamacare insurance. Congratulate Winky--who hails from Chicago---when he's up for election in November of 2016. Yep, Winky's an Obamacrat from Obamaville.

Kinda like wart removal

Eastern WA reps want to excise left coast


Rep. Brad Klippert, Kennewick
Rep. Larry Haler, Richland
Rep. Bob McCaslin, Spokane Valley
Rep. Matt Shea, Spokane Valley

State split a hit?
OLYMPIA (2-12-15)---WA House Bill 1832 would divide Washington and Oregon along a line formed by the Cascade Mountains, something like the map at right.

Two new states would thus be formed, as the map indicates, with urban "Libmania" on the coastal side, and rural "Columbia" on the inland side.

The bill is sponsored by State Representatives Brad Klippert, Larry Haler, Bob McCaslin, and Matt Shea, all of Eastern Washington.

A task force of 10 members from both states would research 1832's feasability and decide on it by September. Both state legislatures and sitting governors would have to okay the idea.

Population of "Libmania" on the coast would be greater than "Columbia". The number of counties in each would be roughly equal, as the map indicates.

U.S. Sens. Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray would hail from "Libmania". The gals have received "F" grades from conservative groups across America. Most of Washington's U.S. reps have received "F" grades as well.

The State of Columbia would have to elect two new U.S. senators and two governors, but not necessarily new U.S. representatives.

The idea has long been floated by conservatives in the East, who are disgusted with Olympia's and Salem's liberal tax-spend policies. They also despise the states' lock-step, butt-kiss attitude toward the federal government.

Moreover, Seattle, Portland, and other coastal towns have set themselves up as "sanctuary" cities favoring the massive influx of alien nationals into the U.S.

 Attendant costs for illegals' education, health care, incarceration, welfare handouts and food stamps bothers practical minded conservatives, most of whom live in "Columbia"
NOTE: The cute state names are YVN's
More to come as this idea progresses....
No cash? Then 2nd Amendment infringed out the window in WA
Concealed carry fees up 420% over decade
OLYMPIA, WA (11-19-14)---Concealed Carry Permits cost $12 a decade or so ago. Now powers that be have hiked them to $50.75.
If you want 'em laminated, it costs $1.25 extra, for an even $52.
Our understanding is that the concealed carry price for thugs has not risen at all. It's still $0, leaving disarmed honest folks at a disadvantage. WA Democrats, whose heads are firmly planted into their butts, won't acknowledge that fact.

Several gun afficianados told YVN the state is plotting to raise CCPs to $300 in 2016. We can't confirm that. Yet.

Non-updated RCW codes said CCPs cost $36. State-set prices keep rising faster than secretarial staff can type them into the on-line Revised Codes of Washington.


Citizens can keep firearms in their homes or businesses without concealed carry permits (CCPs) Given the possibility depicted in the picture above, keeping firearms would be a good idea. If you're killed in your home, police can only file a report while your family cleans up the blood. Cops can't be everywhere at once.

Washington to follow New York model---it's all for the cash, baby.

Inslee, Dems want to create cash cow from e-cigarettes

OLYMPIA, WA (2-12-15)---Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee wants to hike taxes on tar-free e-cigarettes, according to news reports.

If such taxes start low, history from such measures indicates tax rates would soon rise and continue to rise indefinitely, until they become another cash cow for state coffers.

If he gets his way, Inslee would also make it more difficult to sell the products, possibly making it a crime equal to selling alcohol to minors. Creating new criminals by the state has long been a Democrat model for citizen control.

Inslee also vows to invoke advertising restrictions on e-cigarettes, thus stomping on the head of Constitutional free speech.

The governor admits the new tar-free e-cigarettes have not decreased use by teenagers of regular cigarettes. Teens get them easily, regardless of any law. The Dem. model, as usual, is aimed at, and based upon, cash and control.