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Arrests by the Sunnyside, WA, Police Dept. 2006

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Note: We are not responsible for clerical errors. Information derives from daily police reports and other public records. Date is of report, not necessarily arrest date.(DUI means Driving Under the Influence of drugs, alcohol, etc.) 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th indicate degree of crime, with 1st being worst. SPD is Sunnyside Police; YSO is Yakima County Sheriff; WSP is Washington State Patrol, MP is milepost. Non-Sunnysiders are usually jailed at Sunnyside for a fee from their hometown. Check for prior arrests by using your compter"s "finder" to locate repeat names and/or addresses and watch patterns develop. Juvenile Offenders are those under age 18; we try to ID them despite a politically correct system, if we can, because some are dangerous. Our goal is to let you know where "suspected" perps live and what they're "allegedly" doing. Courts make final (wrist-slapping ceremonies) judgement.


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